If you’re a vegetarian (and couldn’t care less whether Chunky Chicken is better than Maryland Chicken) then you’re going to love being a student in Nottingham.

That’s because the wonderful city has a whole host of fantastic veggie and vegan restaurants, which don’t cost the earth.

So whether you want to catch up with some friends or go on a romantic date, here are our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Nottingham.

1. Crocus Cafe

Crocus Cafe Nottingham

Where: 18 Lenton Boulevard

This volunteer-led cafe has eight values that they live by. They are (bare with us) community, volunteer-led, healthy and affordable, vegetarian and vegan, fair trade, organic, locally-sourced and eco-friendly. That means you will get, not only delicious food, but food that is ethically-sourced — and that has got to taste better.

2. Flying Goose Cafe

Flying Goose Cafe Nottingham

Where: 33 Chilwell Road, Beeston

This beautifully-designed cafe produces the very best food using free range eggs and the best quality ingredients plus Fair trade wherever possible. The people behind Flying Goose clearly care a lot about, not only how the food tastes, but how it looks, with many of the cakes worthy of display on someone’s mantlepiece.

3. The Peacock

The Peacock Nottingham

Where: 11 Mansfield Road

The Peacock is a proper old fashioned pub (no gambling machine, mind) where you can go to catch up with some mates over a pint. On top of that (unlike many pubs across the UK) the kitchen is 100% vegan. You get the feeling Peggy Mitchell would be upset, but we’re certainly not.

4. Folks & Fables

Folks and Fables

Where: 37 Long Acre

Probably the fanciest kitchen on our list, Folks & Fables makes truly stunning meals which are nutritionally-dense. They offer the very finest vegan and vegetarian foods with lots of alternatives for different dietary requirements. There’s also lots of juices, shakes and smoothies if you fancy something healthy and quick.

5. The Dice Cup

The Dice Cup

Where: 68-70 Mansfield Road

And now for something completely different… The Dice Cup is a marvellous cafe if you’re a board game aficionado. They’ve got hundreds of games on offer and a fantastic cafe to boot. If you’re not into that type of thing, roll the dice… who knows? You might like it.

6. Cafe Roya

Cafe Roya

Where: 130 Wollaton Road, Beeston

Get yourself down to Cafe Roya for a spot of lunch. They offer a wide variety of dishes ranging from traditional English to Sri Lankan. Plus they have live music events on show, meaning you’re always going to be entertained.

7. Beccy’s Global Kitchen

Beccys Global Kitchen

Where: The National Justice Museum

Beccy’s story is one of success. After doing jobs she admits she had no interest in she decided to open (during a recession we should add) a vegetarian catering business. Now Beccy’s Global Kitchen is thriving, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer some fantastic veggie food from across the globe at a very student-friendly price.

8. Alley Cafe Bar

Alley Cafe Bar

Where: 1a Cannon Court

If you’ve got some fussy eaters with you then Alley Cafe Bar is definitely the one for you. They’ve got pretty much everything available from burritos to pizza via hummus and hot pitta. You’ll get hearty portions and will leave with a smile on your face.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022