Law student and MMA fighter Lewis Whitehead is set to fight in the Octagon in July to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Due to be held on July 31 2021, Lewis Whitehead will be fighting in only his third MMA fight, which people are able to buy tickets to attend for £25 to raise money for charity.

What does Lewis have to say?

nottingham student mma fight
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Lewis, 22, said: “Ultra MMA solely raise money for Cancer Research UK, if I had the choice personally, I would raise money for mental health charities such as Mind due to my own experiences with mental illness.

“Losing my Grandma in November 2019 spurred me on to wanting to do another fight and raise money for CRUK in her name.”

Lewis is still fairly new to fighting in the octagon, with his first fight taking place in October 2018.

His second fight took place in April 2019.

As a part of his preparation for the fight this summer, alongside his usual training routine, which includes two sessions a week for 8 weeks, this will be alongside extra cardio and strength training.

It is still unknown who Lewis’s opponent will be as he will not find this information out until a week before the fight takes place.

However, his opponent – whomever it will be – will be someone who is a similar build or weight class to him.

Lewis added: “The exact location isn’t yet confirmed, but it will be in Nottingham in a large indoor venue.

“The last event which was due to be held in April 2020 was going to at the Village Hotel in Beeston.

It’s possible it’ll remain at the same location.”

What you need to know about Cancer Research UK

nottingham student mma fight
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As you already know, Lewis is raising money for Cancer Research UK, a charity that has been helping patients suffering from cancer since February 2002.

It was estimated (2015-2017) that there are 367,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, approximately 1,000 cancer types discovered every day.

Cancer is an illness that affects 1 in 2 people in the UK who were born after 1960, so it is most likely you know a cancer sufferer or cancer survivor.

With the amazing work cancer research do, they can further their research to try and improve the cancer treatments available to patients today and in the future.

What you need to know about MMA

Also, if you are unaware of what MMA is, this stands for mixed martial arts.

The sport sees fighters from a range of combat sports and also martial arts disciplines against each other for three rounds, each lasting five minutes each.

The objective of the sport is to defeat your opponent through a variety of different moves including different types of strikes, punches, throws and also grappling techniques.

When asked what Lewis’s message would be to anyone wanting to watch the fight and, even better, donate, Lewis said: “Speaking from past experience both fighting and watching, it’s an amazing and entertaining event from start to finish.

“It’s affordable and perfect for those with interest in MMA/contact sport and also for those wanting to do something different, especially since we’ve been stuck inside for over a year.

“I don’t think many people can say they’ve had the experience of watching a live fight event in person, and instead of bank-rolling already rich athletes, it will be going to an amazing cause to hopefully one-day cure cancer and save the lives of millions who are suffering with it.”

Even though Lewis does not participate in this fight until July – covid permitting – it is the people like that this that go the extra mile to fight for such a worthy cause. So, what are you waiting for? Get donating!

If you would like to donate through Lewis’s MMA fight, the link can be found here.