It’s October, which is a big month. The start of uni, Mean Girls Day (happy belated October 3rd, everyone), and of course, Halloween. For those of you who love a good horror, Notts has plenty on offer for you this Halloween. Whether it’s a film festival, ghost walks or club nights, there’s a large range of activities on offer. So, while not an extensive list, here are some of the best Halloween events in Nottingham this year.

Mayhem Film Festival

The Mayhem Film Festival is taking place at Broadway Cinema in Hockley from the 13th to the 16th of October. It showcases some of the best in international horror, sci-fi and cult cinema. You can check out the full lineup here. A student ticket costs £7.50, £2.50 less than a full-price ticket. Then, if you have the money and/or time (which we students don’t tend to have but if you do then good for you!) a full pass, giving you access to all four days for £85. Again, it’s probably not something you’ll have time for, as it’s from a Thursday to Sunday, but checking out a film or two could definitely fulfil your spooky film needs. 

Ghost Walks

While this takes place nearly every week of the year, who wouldn’t want to go on a ghost walk for Halloween? Every Saturday at 7pm, the Original Nottingham Ghost Walk meets at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem to begin its journey. The half-mile or so walk around the Castle Quarter of the city lasts about an hour and a half to two hours long. Throughout your journey, you’ll hear about all the creepy stories around the city, from the disturbing tale of the human pin cushion to the story of the Haunting Highwayman. Either way, it’s bound to be one spooky night. 

Club Nights

And, most importantly, the club nights. Halloween club nights are definitely an experience. These tickets will sell out almost instantly, so it’s a good idea to do research beforehand as to what events you want to go to and when. While a quick google will give you a more complete list of all the Halloween-themed club nights this year, here are some suggestions: 

Groovebox Halloween

On the 29th October, NG-One is hosting Groovebox Halloween. Featuring the legendary techno DJ Alan Fitzpatrick as a headliner, it’s bound to be one spookily good night. An important thing to watch out for, as always, are the tickets. Last year’s edition sold out a week before the show and looking now, the first release of tickets has already sold out. As of the time of writing, there are still tickets available, but these will cost you £17.50 (before booking fees), so act quickly.

Halloween Nightmares

The next day, Pryzm is hosting Halloween Nightmares. Halloween dress is *strongly* encouraged here and you will be treated to a live freak stage show. Musically, some spooky tunes will be mixed into your traditional club night playlist of chart hits, house and RnB. Tickets for this are (currently) much more available, with entry before 11pm tickets available for £6.99 and standard release tickets for £9.99 (before fees). 

Nightmare in Notts

On the first of November, you have Nightmare in Notts at The Mixologist. The event truly lives up to its name, with dead skeletons, flying ghosts, witches, vampires and weird aliens lurking in the background as you party the night away. Some of the artists that you’ll hear are Drake, Big Sean, 21 Savage and Cardi B. Standard tickets are currently available for £10, with the final release tickets rising to £15 per person. 

So, there you have it, these are some of the best Halloween events in Nottingham taking place this year. For those of you who enjoy this period of the year, there is so much on offer to satisfy your need for spooky stuff. 

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