After studying hard all week it can be hard to find a job that fits in with your college schedule. Plus with so many jobs out there it can be hard to even know where to start. So here are all the best jobs available for students at Nottingham College, that should be flexible enough to fit in with their college schedule.

Retail Assistant

jobs for nottingham college students

Nottingham is full of retail stores who need workers, which makes working as a retail assistant the perfect weekend job for any college student. Plus as well as your wage, many shops also offer their staff other perks, such as discounts for shopping in that store. Most retail assistants are paid minimum wage for their age group, but of course, this depends on where you work. Most retail assistants will be responsible for stocking shelves and serving customers on the till, but again this depends on where you work.


jobs for nottingham college students

Just like working at a shop is a great option for students, so is working in a restaurant or pub. Being a waiter or waitress can be very flexible, and although most establishments pay their staff minimum wage, most also offer significant discounts on their products. Nottingham is home to plenty of pubs, cafes and restaurants, including dozens of independent businesses as well as more established brands, like Greene King or Wetherspoons.

Warehouse Worker

jobs for nottingham college students

Warehouse jobs are also great for students, as you can work late or early shifts before or after college. Although the pay can vary, responsibilities usually include tasks of stacking shelves, packing orders, as well as loading and unloading vehicles. Plus you will be able to learn plenty of new skills, including in regards to teamwork and maybe even learn to use warehouse machinery or drive a forklift.

Dog Walker

jobs for nottingham college students

If you love animals why not give dog walking a try? This is something you could do in the mornings before college, so is perfect for an early bird. It also means that you can keep your weekends free for fun and socialising. You will also benefit from exercise, as walking dogs is not for the faint of hearts, especially if you are walking more than one.


jobs for nottingham college students

On the other hand, if you love kids and prefer working in the evenings why not give babysitting a try. A huge pro of babysitting is that once the child goes to bed or is playing you can get on with any homework or coursework you may have. This is the perfect job for night owls, as unlike dog walking you do not need to get up any earlier than usual.

Private Tutor

jobs for nottingham college students

A much more flexible job option for students is to become a tutor. You can teach any topic you feel comfortable with, but ideally, you should have the qualification you are teaching. For example, if you are at college studying a level 3 course or A-levels you could teach primary subjects such as SAT’s, KS3 subjects, or even GCSE’s if you feel confident enough. Plus you can save time and money on travel, as many tutoring services including MyTutor and Tutorful, allow their tutors to offer online tuition via their platform.