Nottingham has an incredibly diverse food scene. There are tons of restaurants all across the city that cater to a wide range of dietary requirements and cuisines – I should know, I’ve sampled loads! But in particular, Nottingham has lots of great Indian restaurants that do excellent curries. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant experience or want to find that new Indian takeout spot, this article has got you covered. Here are 5 of the best places to get a curry in Nottingham that you need to try out.

My pick of the 5 best Indian restaurants in Nottingham for a curry

1. Kottaram

Kottaram restaurant Nottingham best curry places in the city
Source: Kottaram

Last September, the Nottingham Post did a poll of its readers to see what they thought the best Indian restaurant in the city was. Their answer? Kottaram. The restaurant specialises in authentic Indian cuisine from both the north and south, from rogan joshes to beef kizhi. They pride themselves on offering the best of everything India has to offer, from street food to fine dining. The overwhelming majority of mains cost somewhere between £10 and £20, meaning that you can get an authentic Indian experience without having to break the bank – it’s not only one of the best curry places in Nottingham, but one of the most affordable too.

Address: 28 Maid Marian Way, NG1 6GF

2. Calcutta Club

Calcutta Club Nottingham
Source: Calcutta Club

One of the runners-up in that Nottingham Post survey, Calcutta Club is just down the street from Kottaram. It’s open from 5:30 pm until 10:30 or 11, so it’s only a dinner option. Similarly to Kottaram, the majority of the mains are somewhere in that £10-£20 range. They also run discounts sometimes if you go early. Therefore, if you have something planned in the city in the evening and need some food beforehand, Calcutta Club is a great option. Great food + discount = what more could you want?

Address: 8-10 Maid Marian Way, NG1 6HS

3. MemSaab

best curry places in Nottingham
Source: MemSaab Nottingham Facebook

If it wasn’t clear from the pic, Maid Marian is clearly a master at Indian food and unique Indian dishes. It’s been voted by The Sunday Times as one of the best Indian restuarants in the country, so it’s obviously a great place to enjoy curry in Nottingham. The restaurant prides itself on being a fine dining experience, so it can be a little more expensive, but it IS worth it if you want to treat yourself. It’s located close to Calcutta Club, close the the centre of the city so make sure you give them both a go!

Address: 12-14 Maid Marian Way, NG1 6HS

4. Gurkha Express

Gurkha Express best curry places in Nottingham
Source: Gurkha Express Facebook

This one is more for the Uni Of Nottingham students. Located in Beeston, Gurkha Express is a great option if you’re looking for a takeout. While you can eat there, the shop is quite small, so there won’t be much space. They offer authentic Nepalese and Indian fine dining, with all the classic dishes like kormas, masalas, vindaloos and madras. So, if you’re coming home from a long day of classes and are craving a good curry without having to cook, then Gurkha Express is what you’re looking for. 

Address: 146 High Road, NG9 2LN

5. Taste of India

Taste of India Nottingham curry places
Source: Taste of India Facebook

Taste of India is another one of the best places to get a curry in Nottingham. You can find them in Lenton, just a short walk from the Queen’s Medical Centre tram stop, though they also offer takeaway from 5:30 pm every day. They pride themselves on not just feeding your body but feeding your soul, a staple in Indian food culture. Their curries engage all of your senses at a reasonable price – the significant majority of their curries are available for less than £10 per person. That means you can have an excellent meal at an affordable price. What more could you want? 

Address: 55 Abbey Street, NG7 2NZ

So, these are five of the best places to get a curry in Nottingham. Of course, Nottingham is full of great Indian restaurants so let me know if I’ve missed your favourite!

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