It’s a given that most students absolutely love a night out, and Nottingham is well-known for having some of the best nights out in the country.

No matter what music you like to have a boogie to or what night you want to go out on, the student capital of the East Midlands has you covered, and you definitely won’t be disappointed by its selection. Here’s our list of some of the best student nights in Nottingham.

Rock City

It would be criminal to start this list with a club other than Rock City. The well-known concert venue is certainly loved by students in Nottingham and it’s clear why. Rock city is open four nights a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday), with Wednesday nights being specifically for University of Nottingham students. The club also holds 2-4-1 Thursdays, which are popular with Nottingham Trent club-goers, and has three rooms of music for people to enjoy. Despite now primarily being known as a clubbing venue, Rock City retains its reputation for gigs and has previously hosted bands in the likes of U2, The Smiths, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Oasis and David Bowie.

Rock city Nottingham
Source: Rock City

Stealth/ Rescue Rooms

Just down the road from Rock City and opposite Nottingham Trent’s Newton building, you’ll find Stealth and its smaller sibling, Rescue Rooms. These two are technically two separate clubs, however, every Saturday they join together for Stealth vs Rescued, bringing with them five different rooms with a selection of music and a total of six bars. Stealth is usually quite popular with lovers of DnB and house music, whilst indie fans can find their calling over at Rescue Rooms. Both clubs also regularly hold events, with Stealth previously playing host to artists such as Michael Bibi and Darkzy. For all those budding musicians out there, Rescue Rooms also holds acoustic nights every week.

Stealth Nottingham
Source: Stealth


A lot of you reading this might not consider Ocean as worthy of having a place on this list. Yet, every Wednesday without fail, Nottingham Trent students will flock to its doors after a boozy bar crawl with their societies. Ocean is quite unlike any other club in the city; it’s so popular that you have to get your tickets in advance, yet, it only has one room of music which plays the same cheesy chart hits week after week. So, why is Ocean so loved? This might be because it’s the last stop on the bar crawl that a lot of people don’t even make it to, but if you asked them, most students probably wouldn’t be able to tell you why they love it so much. They just do.

Ocean Nottingham
Source: Nottinghamshire Live


If you’re looking to go out at the weekend and are not sure where to go, Ink is another good choice (if you don’t mind losing your friends or falling down the stairs in a drunken mess). Despite being notoriously known as a maze and for having some of the steepest stairs seen in any Nottingham club, Ink offers an unprecedented variety of music in six different rooms, which is why it’s so popular among students.

It could be said that Ink also has a classier feel than some of the other clubs in the city, with some of the rooms having specific VIP areas and booths to purchase for your night out. So, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to listen to one genre of music all night, Ink might be the club for you!

Ink Nottingham
Source: Nottinghamshire Live


Although Pryzm is a club that’s not specific to Nottingham like some of the others on this list, it cannot be forgotten about. Nottingham’s Pryzm has several rooms of music, each with their own bar, with the downstairs ‘cheesy room’ (also known as Vinyl) being a fan favourite among students.

Its brightly coloured disco flooring is the perfect place to show off your moves to the sounds of High School Musical, Grease and many other old school classics. It’s noted that not everyone enjoys this type of music on a night out, which is why the main floor is also always full of clubbers. Although open on Fridays and Saturdays, Pryzm additionally hosts specific nights for students every week and regular events.

Pryzm Nottingham
Source: Pryzm