University is a great time to join sports clubs, and for most sports, you don’t need any experience to join. Student sports clubs are a great way to make new friends, keep active, and maybe even learn something new. To help show you all the different clubs you could join, here are just some of the amazing sports clubs at The University of Nottingham.

1. Aikido

This is the second longest-running sports club at the University of Nottingham, and they welcome everyone whether they are a beginner or experienced. Shodokan Aikido is a Japanese martial art used for self-defence. The club has four weekly sessions to help students learn and practice skills ready for competitions. It cost £5 to join the club, and sessions cost up to £1.50 each.

2. Ice Hockey


The ice hockey team is known as the Mavericks, and they are one of the largest university ice hockey clubs in the UK. They have five teams across the club, with a range in skill and competitions, meaning you can join even if you have never played before. Memberships are open to both University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent students and costs £125 to join for the academic year.

3. Gaelic Football

We’ve heard of traditional football and American football, but the University of Nottingham also has a Gaelic Football team. This form of sport is fast and rough, and the members train twice a week. Though this sport is not for everyone, there are different teams in the club, including a women’s only team. Membership costs £30 for the entire year, and this also includes equipment, travel, training, etc.

4. Canoe Polo

This club is very successful, and throughout the year they travel all over the country for competitions and other events. The club has three teams in total, one for the ladies, one for beginners and the other for the more experienced. The team also have regular social events, so you’ll be able to have fun with your team on the water and on land.

5. Cricket


The University of Nottingham cricket clubs are very competitive, but all the members thrive in the sport and socially. There is a women’s and a men’s team, with the men having an impressive 90% win rate for last year. The club also has plenty of social events throughout the year. It costs £209 to join the club in October, however, this is a special early bird price so it may go up if you wait.

6. Kayak

This club has two weekly sessions on a Wednesday and Friday, as well as regular trips and competitions throughout the year. The University of Nottingham Kayak club is one of the most successful student kayaking clubs in the country, and anyone can join, whether they have never picked up a paddle before or have been doing it all their life.

7. Netball

As one of the biggest clubs at the university, the netball club has many teams within them based on ability and experience. To take part in one of the clubs competitive teams, you must take part in one of their trial sessions, which cost £5. This club is not just about netball, as it also encourages teamwork and the building of friendships.

8. Gymnastics


This club competes in many competitions and leagues throughout the year, open to all ability ranges. It costs only £35 to join the gymnastics team, and then £5 for each session. However, as the sessions take place off-campus, the clubs do reimburse the drivers for the session cost. The club also has two monthly nights out, one is usually a themed party and the other is a non-drinking social, such as bowling.