Written by Lauren Pinkney

Nottingham students can be characterised in two ways. They’re broke. And they like to drink. So, it comes as no surprise that finding the cheapest bars in Nottingham might be quite important.

Have no fear! Unifresher has compiled a guide to the cheapest places to go in Notts for an evening (or afternoon, or morning…) of drinking.

1. A Room With A Brew

A Room With A Brew.png
Source: Tripadvisor

This charming micro-pub on Derby road has an impressive selection of craft beers, ciders and ale, plus a healthy offering of gin and spirits. The prices are pretty reasonable, with an extra 20p off all drinks if you’re a student! A Room with a Brew is a great option for those nights when you don’t feel like trawling into the city centre, but still want to enjoy an evening at a cheap bar. The only downside is it closes at 11pm most nights, so the night owls amongst us will have to find somewhere else to enjoy cheap craft beer!

2. Southbank

Southbank sports bar.png
Source: Southbank

Southbank is the no.1 sports bar in Nottingham city centre. The high-tech kit and sound system brings in big crowds to watch live bands and major sporting events. Cocktails are 2-4-1 from 7 – 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays and pints are as cheap as £2.50! Plus, you can soak up all this alcoholic goodness with 40% off your food bill with an NUS card!

3. Cucamara

CookieShake Bar.png

This little gem is hidden off Angel Row in the city centre. With its famous tequila slammers at just £1 each and cocktails starting at £2.30 (yep, you heard right!), no list of the cheapest bars in Nottingham would be complete without Cucamara. The 4 for £5 offer looks incredibly tempting – ` cocktail, jungbomb and 2 shots for a fiver! Cucamara also offers crazy cheap deals throughout the week, with sambuca shots also at just £1 on Wednesdays and selected bottles of beer just £1 before 10pm – madness!

4. CookieShake Bar

CookieShake Bar
Source: Groupon

By day, this funky little place on Upper Parliament Street serves up magical milkshakes, hot chocolate and hearty plates of food. But by night, this is one of the cheapest and quirkiest bars in Nottingham. Monday to Friday, CookieShake offers lucky customer 5 shots and a house bottle for £5.50! The beauty of CookieShake is in the different types of shots you can order. From chocolate mint to banana and everything in between, this is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth and a penchant for a bargain!

5. The Bodega

The Bodega.png
Source: Designmynight

The Bodega may be known for its classic ‘Indie Wednesdays’, but this unassuming bar in the heart of the city is a great place to wind down and chill out. The Bodega usually sells its lager a £3.80 a pint and glasses of wine at £4.00 (not bad). But, during ‘Sociable Hours’ this drops to £2 a pint and £3.50 for a glass of wine! Luckily for us, ‘Sociable Hours’ occur every night of the week, with it running from 4 – 9pm on Fridays. Thursdays bring the joy of 2 cocktails for £8 and with delights like ‘the Kentucky lemonade’ and ‘red berry collins’ being served up, it’s hard not to be tempted. This is a perfect cheap bar to have a couple of drinks in with your mates before heading off somewhere else, or just to hang out in and soak up the chilled vibes.

6. The Walrus

The Walrus boasts pretty snazzy full-size American beer pong tables, with an attached seating area, so you and your mates can go head to head all night long. Every Wednesday, Walrus hosts JUMP SHIP, a night of alternative music and DJs and, most importantly, with cheap drinks. A fireball shot (if you’re up for it!) will only set you back £1.50, a bottled beer only £2, plus cocktails for only £4.50. Entry on these nights is free before 11 if you sign up to the guest list. If you’re not an early bird, tickets are still cheap, at £4 for entry after midnight.

Just because you’re a cash-stricken student, doesn’t mean you have to pass up a good time. Nottingham has an abundance of cheap bars for you to get your teeth into. Never mind not having enough money, how about not having enough time?

Last Updated on January 24, 2024