The cost of being a student anywhere in the UK is more expensive than most people initially think. Many things have to be paid for, such as accommodation, food, transport and most importantly, nights out. In Nottingham, the cost of living is relatively affordable when compared to the priciest place to live in the country, London. Nevertheless, Nottingham is still a large city; in any city, the cost of living will generally be higher than in more suburban areas, but this does differ on the location. If you’re planning on moving to Nottingham in the coming months for university, we have some information that you might like to know! Here is what the general cost of living is like for students living in Nottingham.



At whichever university you choose, the price of student accommodation is likely to break your bank. The cost of a year’s stay in student halls rises slightly every year, with the accommodation’s in Nottingham being no exception to this. However, prices definitely differ depending on which establishment you will be attending, whether you want private or university accommodation and what room type you pick.

If you will be going to Nottingham Trent University, private accommodation provider’s often offer better value for money. Rooms in private halls usually cost between £140 and £200 per week, a price which is subject to whether you choose a room with a shared kitchen, a room with an en-suite bathroom or a self-contained studio apartment. Alternatively, halls at Nottingham Trent University (city campus) range from £103.32 per week to £170.59 per week.

For students who will be attending the University of Nottingham, there is a wider variety of options for university-managed accommodation. Prices range depending on which campus you’ll be studying at, whether you want to be catered or self-catered and what type of room you fancy.

If you have a smaller budget for accommodation, renting a flat or a house privately through an estate agent might be an option for you to explore. Renting a student property tends to be cheaper than student accommodation, usually costing between £90 and £130 per week. However, again, this is dependent on which area you want to live in and what type of property you like.

The supermarket shop


In Nottingham, budget supermarkets are a student’s best friend. To save money for other things *cough, nights out*, you will often find that students prefer to shop in supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl. A weekly shop at Aldi or Lidl can range between £15 and £30, depending on how much you eat and what you buy.

However, there are other options for supermarket shopping. The Asda at Hyson Green is a popular haunt of students living in the Arboretum area and is easily accessible by tram. Unfortunately, most of the other larger supermarkets in Nottingham are not in walking distance of the city centre, so you may need access to a car!

Making the most out of your supermarket shop is essential for saving money as a student. Make sure you make a meal plan and buy enough food for the week to stop you from ordering expensive takeaways (we know Deliveroo can be tempting!)



Nottingham has been praised for its excellent public transport, with the bus and tram networks connecting the city with the rest of Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham Trent University has its own tram stop, ideally situated right outside Boots Library. A single student tram ticket will put you back by £1.80 (£1.70 if you buy it from the NETGO! app). If you plan on making more than one journey in a day, purchasing a student day ticket means that you can make as many journeys as you like for £3.20 (£3.10 if you buy it from the NETGO! app). If you’re lucky enough to be under the age of 19, make sure to obtain a child’s day ticket instead for only £2.40.

The University of Nottingham is a little further away from the city centre, but the bright lights of the big city can easily be accessed by bus. Prices of tickets depend on which bus route you use, as several different bus companies are operating in Nottingham. However, they are generally affordable, and can often be paid for by card!

The price of a pint

Price of pint

It’s time for the moment that you all have been waiting for. The cost of a pint in a university city is incredibly important to students; it is often a general indicator of how expensive everything else is to buy in that place.

According to the Good Pub Guide 2020, the average cost of a pint in Nottinghamshire is £3.95, which is on the more expensive side compared to other county’s. However, prices are always hiked up in the city centre, so you might be able to find a cheaper drink if you venture a little further afield.