Sometimes you just don’t want to cook. Student life is busy, and sometimes going out in Nottingham to eat is just what we need. Luckily, Nottingham has some great restaurants to choose from, including Japanese, Indian, Mexican and more. But if your belly’s screaming sushi, noodles or sticky rice, have a look at our list of the best Japanese Nottingham restaurants around. 


Address: 57 Lenton Boulevard, NG7 2FQ

Source: Higoi Facebook

Higoi is on Lenton Boulevard, so it’s a close option for Uni Of students wanting to feast at one of Nottingham’s best Japanese restaurants. It’s one of the oldest and longest-running Japanese restaurants in the country outside of London, first opening in Nottingham 1989. While it is currently only open three evenings a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), it serves classic Japanese dishes at a fairly reasonable price. You can get 8 pieces of assorted Nigiri Sushi for £13.50, tea rice (with either eel, prawn or vegetables) for £9.30-£13.50 (depending on which type) and many other dishes.

Nan Tei Nottingham:

Address: 71 Maid Marian Way, NG1 6AJ

best japanese restaurants in Nottingham
Source: Nan Tei Nottingham

Nan Tei is open a little more frequently (5-10 pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays). It’s on Maid Marian Way in the city centre, so it’s relatively quick and simple to get to this Japanese restaurant, no matter what side of Nottingham you live on. Some of the dishes it serves include: yakitori (two sticks cost between £3 and £6 depending on the type), deep fried meat (chicken or pork), which costs £8 or £9—definitely more of a student-friendly pricing option. 

Bonzai Sushi and Noodle Bar

Address: 11-13 Carlton Street, NG1 1NL

Bonzai sushi is one of Nottingham's Best Japanese Restaurants
Source: Bonzai Facebook

Bonzai is open every day from 12 pm to 11 pm. Their chefs have been trained in Japan for more than 10 years, so you know what you’re being given is authentic. They’ve got a wide range of dishes on offer, from sushi platters to bento to rice bowls. They specifically draw attention to their tempura, so that’s something you should definitely check out if you go. The prices are all pretty reasonable at this Japanese restaurant in Nottingham: the majority of dishes cost under £10. That’s a bargain if you ask me. 


Address: 6A Chapel Bar, NG1 6JS

Nottingham's Best Japanese Restaurants
Source: Sushimania

Sushimania started off in Leicester, but opened up another Japanese restaurant in Nottingham city centre a couple years ago. Like others in the city, it’s open every day from 12 pm to 10:30 pm. As you can imagine from the name, if you’re a fan of sushi, this is definitely the best Japanese restaurant in Nottingham for you. On offer, they have salads, tempura, kushiyaki, hosomaki rolls, and sashimi rolls, among others. All kinds of different types of sushi. And again, the prices are generally pretty reasonable, as each item of sushi will cost you about £5 (there are between 2-6 pieces per item). 


Address: 1A Cannon Court, NG1 6JE

Nottingham's Best Japanese Restaurants
Source: Kushi-Ya

Kushi-Ya is another Japanese restaurant located in Nottingham city centre. It’s open Monday to Saturday in two separate windows, 12-2 pm for lunch (extending to 3 pm on Saturdays) and 5-10 for dinner. They have snacks, small plates, skewers and desserts available. This is all at a very reasonable price, as all but one dish (the soy braised pork shoulder) is at or under £10. Definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants in Nottingham to go to on a student budget. Plus, there are vegan options too!

So, there you have it, a list of some of Nottingham’s best Japanese restaurants. While not an extensive list, this will hopefully give you a new Japanese restaurant or two to check out. 


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