Everyones watched or at least heard of the show First Dates!! Well now you could possibly appear on the show. 


Are you single? Living in Sheffield? Dated everyone on Tinder and are now serious at trying to find love? Well channel 4 have opened up auditions for their next series of award winning First Dates.


Since the show launched, they have seen hundreds of couples walk through the door of the famous restaurant in London. Some have even gone the distance, with one couple having a baby together!


Maître d’, Fred Sirieix

The casting call for the show reads:

“First Dates is a documentary series that helps contributors find a partner from a pool of other singletons and captures the highs and lows of first dates on camera. Each episode will feature a number of intimate first dates.

“Discreet cameras will record the date from start to finish – from first impressions, through all the awkward, heart-warming and funny moments, to the end of the date and the discussion about whether or not a second date is on the cards.

“If you’re looking for love, apply now by completing and submitting the application form.”

So if your single and looking for love in the new year, or just want to meet Fred and get some life wisdom… then apply here for the show. Good luck, hopefully you will be bracing our screens soon!