Sheffield is hosting a diverse range of events to celebrate this Black History Month, from carnivals to art exhibitions to cooking classes, there’s something for everyone to discover.

Black History Month Carnival

Black History Month
Source: Sheffield student Union

When: 30th October 2021

Where: SU Building and Concourse at The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is celebrating Black History Month through a carnival at the SU. The event is a celebration of all black culture with live performances, music, food and stalls from local black owned businesses. This is a great event to enjoy, celebrate and support the local black community, headed by Liberation Officer Shona Tulloch.

Black Habits, Sheffield Hallam University

This year, Sheffield Hallam’s Black History Month events will focus on ‘black culture, history, excellence, power, vision, vibes, food, fashion, art and music.’

The programme of events takes place from the 12th to the 31st of October and includes events to grow, network, learn and most importantly, celebrate Sheffield’s black community.

Events will take place in person and online to ensure everyone can celebrate. The month kicks off with a black-owned business networking event, in which local black business owners can meet and grow their enterprises. Other highlights include a sports tournament and talks from intellectuals such as historian Davis Olusoga. On the other end of the scale is the closing Afrobeat party at Crystal.

black history month Sheffield
Source: Sheffield University

The ADIRA African-Caribbean Market

When: 25th-30th October

Where: Located on Fargate

Located on Fargate between the 25th-30th of October, the festival will celebrate contemporary balck culture and black cultural heritage. Particularly, it will honor the Windrush generation through a Black history archive and human library, where visitors can talk to the local community about their experiences.

There will be food stalls, an art exhibition and live performances from African poets and dancers.

aafrican caribbean market
Source: Welcome to Sheffield

Culture Kitchen

When: 19th October

Where: Sheffield Hallam Kitchens

On the 19th of October, Sheffield Hallam’s LevelUp initiative will hold its first ‘culture kitchen’. There, attendees can learn how to cook dishes from all over the world from Nigeria, Jamaica to Guyana. The event will give you a way to not only learn about and celebrate black cultural heritage this month but year round through delicious dishes.

Culture Kitchen

Passing the Baton: the Legacy of Windrush Pioneers

When: 1st November at 6pm

Where: Theatre Deli Sheffield

This film explores the legacy of the Windrush generation on Sheffield’s language, arts and culture through the generations. The Nyara School of Arts film will be shown at Theatre Deli on the 1st of November at 6pm.

Can I Touch Your Hair, presented by Lekhani Chirwa

When: 14th October 2021

Where: Theatre Deli Sheffield

This performance takes you through Lekhani’s journey with her hair from frustration to acceptance. Hair is of great significance in black culture and this piece traces Lekhani’s struggles with her racial identity and culture through her hair, from discovering that 99p shampoo won’t cut it, to loving her locks.