Cats of Crookes started in the first lockdown after the owner joked with a friend about all the pictures of local cats they’d collected on their daily walks. Now, it has 1,535 followers and over 70 posts, with submissions pouring in every day.  In this article, we’ll share the best cats on the page and tell you a little more about the group.

1. If it fits, I sits

Oreo, a resident of Roslin Road, likes to scream outside people’s houses until he’s let in to sit in people’s boxes. If there’s one thing you take from Oreo, remember to always go after what you want.

2. It’s so fluffy

Is this the most gorgeous, photogenic cat ever? Although not strictly in Crookes, submissions like this one are still included because, honestly, we all need the serotonin boost.

3. Oreo 2.0

You can tell a lot about a cat’s personality from the way they scowl at you…. Unsurprisingly, Oreo bites.

4. Shops

This floofy ragdoll cat is a visual representation of how we felt every time BoJo announced a new lockdown: lazy, but at least we looked cute doing it thanks to the many beauty tips we’ve learnt from hours on TikTok.

5. Heeeee

This cat might remind you of your face when someone insults your mate on a night out, but really it’s just the Harcourt Road cat. They like to go between student houses on Harcourt and Western Road, getting treats at each place like a buffet, and if that isn’t main character energy, I don’t know what is.

6. Milo

Milo lives on Brighton Terrace Road and is very needy, or as Cats of Crookes put it, ‘he knows just what he deserves…the whole world’.

7. Siameses

These little guys remind us of what it’s like living with your housemates in lockdown- always on top of each other.

8. Exploring

This ginger tom reminds us of our adventurous spirits heading off into the Peaks before getting lost in the middle of nowhere and having to turn around, or was that just us?

9. Peekaboo

Brb, just hiding from all my deadlines.

10. Bole Hill Cat

Why does this cat have a better picture of a Bole Hill sunset than we ever will?!

Check out @catsofcrookes on Instagram to see all their fluffy friends and get a daily boost of serotonin on your feed.