If you’re getting bored of club night after club night, Bongo’s Bingo could be the refresher you need. This night-out tours the country’s universities with their alternative take on a going out. Combine bingo, drinks, energetic hosts, dance-offs and nostalgic tunes, and you have Bongo’s Bingo.

bongos bingo sheffield
Source: Bongo’s Bingo Sheffield

In Sheffield, the event takes place at the O2 Arena and tickets always sell out fast. During the sought after night-out, hundreds of people sit (and eventually stand on) benches, playing the biggest game of bingo you’ve ever seen. But don’t worry, this game isn’t the same as the one your granny plays.

As the numbers flash up on a projector, tick them off your bingo card and if you win, get ready to stand up and shout at the top of your lungs. A fair warning, if there are two winners, you could have to compete in a dance-off for the prize. With each round, the prizes increase in value, starting at some sort of alcoholic drink and ending with a sizable cash prize.

Bongo's Bingo Sheffield
Source: Bongo’s Bingo

Our favourite thing about Bongo’s Bingo is the songs. After all, it has been described as a ‘bingo rave phenomena’ for a reason. If a number corresponds with a song, for example, if a seven popped up on the screen, the DJ would slap on your childhood faves, S-Club 7. Everyone would jump up onto the benches to dance but be alert. Often the hosts will stop songs halfway through to announce the next number, making for a fun, if not messy, night-out.

Be aware that Bongo’s Bingo often starts earlier than conventional club nights and therefore, you may end up drunk on the bus at 6 pm. However, this makes for the perfect celebration night as you can enjoy the bingo before continuing your night out at your favourite club.

Thankfully, Bongo’s Bingo has already set dates for summer 2021 to give us all something to look forward to. Join them in Sheffield next June, July or August for a well-deserved night out. Get your tickets here.

Last Updated on September 9, 2022