We already know Sheffield has a whole host of famous places to go and check out.

But it’s also got a plethora of amazing sights and experiences which aren’t quite as well-known, or easy to find.

To help you find out some of Sheffield’s lesser-known secrets, we’ve compiled this list of the eight best secret places to explore in Sheffield.

Jessica Ennis-Hill’s Golden Postbox


Credit: benr888/Instagram
Barker’s Pool, S1 1LZ

Stumbling upon a postbox painted gold in honour of British gold medallists feels a bit like finding a rare Pokemon out in the open. One of these curios can be found in Barker’s Pool in Sheffield, in honour of Jessica Ennis-Hill’s gold medal in the heptathlon at the 2012 Olympics.

Victoria Quays


Victoria Quays, S2 5SY

These gorgeous canals are a little bit out of the way in Sheffield, but are absolutely gorgeous to stroll along on a clear day, taking in the sights and sounds they have to offer. Featuring a bustling community and a whole host of things to see and do. The Quays are just as good for a lazy day wandering around sightseeing as they are for shopping around.

Bishops’ House


Credit: Bishop’s House/Facebook
Norton Lees Lane, S8 8BE

Bishops’ House is hidden away in Meersbrook Park, and is a stunning example of 16th century architecture. It’s a gorgeous building (perfect for Instagramming, as you can see in the above image) and is open to visit every Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 4pm. So get on down and explore this hidden gem.

The Lantern Tower


18 Kenwood Park Rd, S7 1NF

This gorgeous ceiling in Sheffield Cathedral might not catch your eye initally if you don’t know to look up. It’s gorgeous, abstract, stained-glass look is absolutely incredible on a bright day, so next time you’re in the Cathedral don’t worry about looking weird, just stare straight up.

The Old Queen’s Head


Credit: The Old Queen’s Head/Facebook
40 Pond Hill, S1 2BG

This cosy little pub (built in the 15th century) is hidden away behind the bus station. Looking the part for a pub with such a long, storied history, you can enjoy some delicious drinks at the Head while taking in its genuine old school architecture and features.

The Bear Pit


Credit: Liz_bbnk/Instagram
Sheffield Botanical Gardens, S10 2LN

This hidden gem can be found nestled away inside the sprawling Botanical Gardens. This former bear habitat (only for two bears, but still…) dates back to 1836, and now features, much less scarily, a massive statue of one of the bears instead of the real thing. View it from above or muster up some courage and head into the pit itself.

Kelham Island Museum


Alma St, S3 8RY

Situated all the way in Sheffield’s industrial section, this quaint little place has been open for more than 30 years now, and features a number of exhibitions covering pretty much everything about Sheffield’s history you could ever want to know.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022