With lockdown 3.0 in full swing, the most exciting thing you can do nowadays is snuggle down to watch Netflix with a takeaway. But when it comes to choosing one, Sheffield has so many options we thought we’d break down which are worth your money. So here are the best takeaways in Sheffield open during lockdown!

1. Best for Sweet Treats: Heavenly Desserts

takeaways open sheffield heavenly desserts
Source: Uber Eats

Although there are many options when it comes to desserts, we recommend Heavenly Desserts. Slightly more pricey than its competitors, Heavenly Desserts offers a huge number of options including vegan and gluten-free choices. Their unique desserts include gourmet popcorn, milk cake, mochi and cake creations alongside more traditional options like waffles and cookie dough. Available on UberEats, get your hands on some Heavenly Desserts!

2. Best Chippy: Ranmoor Friery

takeaways open sheffield ranmoor friery
Source: Ranmoor Friery

Ranmoor Friery is the highest rated takeaway on UberEats with a 4.8 star rating. They have loads of options to choose from, from kebabs to fish and chips to vegan battered sausage. If that didn’t get you hungry, the friery is also purse-friendly with prices as low as £5.50 for a full kebab.

3. Best Curry: Maveli Restuarant


Maveli’s has everything: a vegan menu, veggie options plus loads of choice for meat-eaters and pescatarians. It’s also not your average Indian, try their Indian style chicken nuggets or dosa (a crepe made from fermented rice and lentils). Highly rated by customers, why not give it a try next time you fancy a curry?

4. Best Pizza: Nether Edge Pizza Co


Check out Nether Edge Pizza Co. if you’d like a pizza with some local Sheffield flair. Lots of their pizzas are named after local areas such as the Chapeltown Chicken and Chorizo pizza or the Meersbrook Meaty Pizza. Delicious with a friendly price point of around £10 for a 12” inch pizza, Nether Edge is a great local alternative next time you crave Dominoes.

5. Best Chinese: Wild Rice


Wild Rice is by far the best and most affordable Chinese in Sheffield. They have 255 options in their arsenal so don’t choose this takeaway if you’re feeling indecisive. With mock meat options for veggies, this is a great option for any group. Any order over £11 comes with free prawn crackers, and it only goes up from there with mini spring rolls or chicken wings for any order over £26.

6. Best Mexican: Taco Mex

takeaways open sheffield taco mex
Source: Taco Mex Facebook

Whatever you fancy, Taco Mex has it. Not limited to classic burritos and chimichangas, Taco Mex also serves burgers, churros, meatball burritos and jalepeño poppers. They also have a great range of vegan and gluten-free options and delicious, unique desserts such as choco nachos.

We hope you devour whatever takeaway you choose this lockdown (or maybe just try all of them?)