As the new year draws near, many of us will want to update our wardrobes. But how do we remain sustainable while doing so? By thrifting of course.

In recent years, thrifting has become a popular and inexpensive way to extend the life of our clothes we wear and reduce our intake of fast fashion. Plus, a vintage store is the place to go to find a cool and unique item which will undoubtedly boost your fashion game.

Preloved Kilo

The best place to hit the shops would be Division Street, which is where you will find some of Sheffield most popular thrift stores.

What used to be known as Mooch Vintage, Preloved Kilo is a store where all clothes are priced based on their weight. Everything in their store is their usual rate of £15 per kilo and sell everything that you can possibly think of on their clothing rails.


Vulgar is on Devonshire Street which is very close to Division Street. They specialise in bold patterns and prints, festival pieces and denim or leather classic wardrobe staples They also sell many early 90’s & 00’s designer labels such as Burberry, Moschino and Prada. They even have a “re-work range” which is inspired by past-trends and made from recycled fabrics and materials. 

Vulgar vintage Shops in Sheffield
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Thrifty store 

Thriftystore is a gender-inclusive, sustainable vintage store. They are based in the Castlegate area on King Street and are known for their pound and kilo sales.

Freshmans Vintage Store

Based on Carver Street in the city centre, Freshman’s Vintage is a thrift store which has been trading since 1996. It sells items like Levi’s denim, 90s USA sweatshirts and leather jackets.

Glass Onion 

The store began back in 2006 when their founder started selling vintage items out of his Grandma’s coal shed. Today, you can find them on the corner of Charles Street in Sheffield City centre.

They source vintage clothes from textile recycling plants across Europe and the USA to then rework and ticket thousands of new pieces every day. They sell any brand; from Christian Dior to Coca Cola

Glass onion vintage Shop in Sheffield
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White Rose

Located on Ecclessall Road, white Rose is an ethical store selling hand-picked recycled items for men, women and children. White Rose Recycled Fashion was established in 2009 by two Nottingham Trent University graduates. They were inspired by the work of Aegis Trust which is a charity which White Rose supports.

Ryan Vintage

This is a a popular second hand store selling all things vintage. With a store wall to wall with clothing rails full of thrifted items, you could spend ages browsing their collection.

Thrift and Bits 

Thrift and Bits is a sustainability focused secondhand store with a goal of making fashion longer lasting. You can find the store on Glossop Road for a wide variety of reworked pieces.

Thrifts and Bits vintage Shops in Sheffield
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Jojo’s General Store

Although old and quaint in aesthetic, Jojo’s store has an assortment of vintage sportswear and workwear with brands such as Barbour, Grenfell and Stone Island. It is open everyday, 11am-6pm on Ecclessal  Road.

The owner is Jojo Elgarice himself who was an entrepreneur in his thrifting (and thriving) business.

Alternative Shop 

This independent thrift store on Devonshire street sells streetwear inspired by various subcultures from around the world. They have been around for 25 years and sell brands such as Dickies, The Alternative and King Apparel.

There are so many great thrift shops in Sheffield to visit. If you’re looking for more things to do in Sheffield then take a look at our bucket list for more ideas.

Last Updated on January 24, 2024