Five years of Sheffield has given me some unique wisdom to share when it comes to living in the steel city, so we’ve got top ten tips for Sheffield freshers from our resident Sheffield student Yzzy! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to find out the best freshers’ events happening in Sheffield so you don’t miss out.

 1. Try to find out what colour your halls are

All the Uni of Sheffield halls have VERY bold colour schemes, and they change from block to block. In first year, my block was a wine red, but some unfortunate souls got lime green or orange, so try to find out which colour you’re getting before you go. You can do this by stalking the uni website or in your fresher’s group and match your decorations accordingly, check out our guide on how to do this while saving your pennies for freshers week.

sheffield university tips
Me in my very red first year room

2. What to do when waiting for other people to arrive

Cook, being in the kitchen doing something means you don’t have to have an awkward conversation with someone in the doorway to your room and second guess whether that person has arrived in your flat or the one next door.

sheffield university freshers
Maybe cook something time consuming like paella just in case they get stuck in traffic…

3. Go to ‘give it a go’

Give it a Go is the university’s scheme allowing people to try sports and societies without commitments. Go to the freshers’ fairs and check out what you want to try, and then give them a go. I joined a sport in my second year, and it was the best decision I made.

sheffield university tips
My ultimate frisbee team

4. Hills, hills, hills

Sheffield is full of hills which will make you very hot on the way to lectures. Bring water, wear comfy shoes to walk in and make sure you can take off your layers when you arrive at lectures sweating, yes, even in winter.

sheffield university tips

5. Parks are the place to be

Sheffield is the greenest city in the UK, so it’s no wonder that when the sun is out, Crookes Valley Park, Weston Park and Endcliffe Park are flooded with students with tinnies and BBQs but if you’re unsure which park to go to, check out our top picks for a Sheffield picnic.

sheffield university tips
Crookes Valley Park on film

6. Balti King

It might be a tradition to go to Balti King after a night out, but seriously, if you want to catch COVID – or anything else, for that matter – that’s the place to go. Go once at 3 am for the ‘experience’ and never again. Instead, try one of Sheffield’s many takeaways.

sheffield university tips
Source: Balti King TripAdvisor

7. Avoid Carver Street

I genuinely do not know anyone who has been to Crystal or Viper Rooms again after freshers’ week. If you’re going out on West Street, try West Street Live, Tiger Works and Bierkeller instead or take a look at our guide to best student nights in the Steel City here.

8. Summer Social

The Summer Social is the last event the SU hosts for the academic year, and although the premise is amazing, multiple rooms of music, ball pits, bingo and roller skating, in reality, it’s just queuing for hours to get into various rooms and losing your friends in the maze of ‘clubs’.

sheffield university tips
Who thought a roller disco drunk was a good idea?

9. Go to the Peaks

Sheffield’s proximity to the Peak District probably attracted you to Sheffield in the first place, but will you actually go once the term is in full swing? Most don’t, but it’s definitely worth the small effort of catching the bus or train out there. Check out our article on the best outdoor spaces in Sheffield to get some ideas.

sheffield university tips
I climbed Kinder Scout with my flatmates from our first year flat, Kinder C5.

10. Avoid chains

Sheffield is home to SO many great restaurants, shops and bars that you don’t need to step foot in a chain. We have many articles showing you the best places to eat, drink and dance, from beer gardens, rooftop bars, vegan restaurants, pubs, brunch and bars.

tips for freshers
The cocktails at Gatsby on Division Street are amazing

Last Updated on March 20, 2024