Fancy some Italiano? We’ve got you. If you’re fed up with your usual pizza delivery, try out one of the best pizza delivery restaurants in Southampton for some cheesy pizza goodness. Or, if you fancy a different kind of takeaway, check out our recommendations here.

10. Petrony’s Pizza 

Price range: £5 upwards

With options like the Mexi pizza (chillies, kidney beans, onion, beef, tomato, olives and tortilla chips), the Country Style (beef and sweetcorn), Seafood (prawns, tuna and anchovies) and your usual favourites, its no surprise Petrony’s is on the list. All pizzas are available as a small, medium or large, and you can add extra cheese (or vegan cheese) for a small additional fee. They’ve also got vegan meat alternatives, so you could have a chicken and sweetcorn vegan pizza!

9. Pizza Roma

Price range: £3 upwards 

Pizza Roma pizza delivery southampton
Source: Uber Eats

Pizza Roma gives you the choice to create your own Taste Max pizza, or go for one of their calzones, doner meat meals, lasagne or any of their delicious side orders. If you opt to make your own pizza, choose from 8, 10, 12 or 14 inches, and a whole range of toppings.

Best deal: 

MEAL FOR 1: Margherita pizza with 3 toppings, garlic bread (cheesy or plain) and a can of drink – £13.25

8. Baku Pizza

Price range: £5 upwards

Baku Pizza pizza delivery southampton
Source: Baku Pizza

With BBQ pizzas, tomato bases, kebabs, burgers, chicken and pasta, Baku has the whole flat covered – even those oddballs who don’t like pizza! Plus, if you’re only looking for a little snack, or if you’ve got some little ones to look after, they’ve got kids meals too!

Best deal: 

FAMILY DEAL – any two 9 inch pizzas, garlic pizza bread with cheese and 2 cans of drink – £12.99

7. Franco Manca 

Price range: £5 upwards 

franco manca pizza delivery southampton
Source: Restaurants Brighton

Order with Franco Manca if you’re craving some really authentic Italian pizza. Accompany your pizza with their side of olives, garlic bread or burrata and nduja, and finish it off with a lemon and almond cake. Choose from a range of gluten free, sourdough and veggie options, or opt for your usual pepperoni.

6. Bitz and Pizzaz

Price range: £5 upwards 

Bitz and Pizzaz pizza delivery southampton
Source: Just Eat

With 9 or 12 inch pizzas available, subs, burgers, wings, Peri-Peri chicken, and ice cream, Bitz and Pizzas is spoiling its customers. You can create your own pizza, make it a calzone, or choose from their own creations. They’ve got unique options like Sweet and Hot Chicken, the Gutbuster, Seafood Treat, and even an All Day Breakfast!

Best deal: 

Any two 12 inch pizzas – £16.49

5. Pizza House Soton

Price range: £4 upwards 

Pizza House Soton pizza delivery southampton
Source: Deliveroo

This is not just a pizza place, oh no, Pizza House also sells burgers, wraps, chicken wings, milkshakes and desserts. You can choose from their Zingey Tower, nachos, and a huge range of other options.

Best deal: 

PARTY DEAL – three supersize pizzas, three fries, two bottles of drink and three sides – £41.99

4. Popsi’s 

Price range: £5 upwards 

True Italian pizza, delivered to your doorstep. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Popsi’s do exactly that. Choose from their range of starters like garlic butter bites or their vegan sharer, and then continue your meal with a delicious pizza – will it be a Margo Aglio (cheese, tomato and garlic butter) or a Pepperoni? Maybe both?

3. Pizza GoGo 

Price range: £3 upwards

just eat pizza delivery southampton
Source: Just Eat

With Dorito’s nachos, chicken bites, Quorn southern fried sides and a huge range of delicious, fresh-baked pizzas, Pizza Gogo is an obvious choice for the best pizza delivery in Southampton. On top of their great menu, they have super special deals available, from Ben and Jerry’s deals to the perfect night in, Pizza Gogo is definitely a firm fan favourite.

Best deal: 

THE TWIN DEAL (MED) – two 12 inch pizzas, two starters, two dips and a bottle of soft drink – £25.99

2. What a Pizza 

Price range: £5 upwards

Choose from pizza subs, salads, pizzas, sides and vegan options with What A Pizza. Whether you want something little for lunch or dinner to share, they’ve got you covered. Choose from a Margherita, Capriccioso, spinach, Hawaiian, meat feast, and many more.

Best deal: 

MEAL DEAL – two 12 inch pizzas – £22.99

1. Smokey Pizza

Price range: £7 upwards 

smokey pizza delivery southampton
Source: Just Eat

With 9 inch pizzas available for as low as £6.99, and a discount available on your first order, Smokey Pizza takes first place. Ordering with Smokey’s is ideal if you’ve got people over or a big order, as they stock 9 inch, 12 inch and 15 inches, and you can get deals like their Big Party Deal which includes two 15 inch pizzas, two 12 inch pizzas, BBQ chicken wings, spiced chicken wings, two coleslaw and 2 bottles of drink. Or you can opt for a pasta dish, some wings and ribs or even salad!

Best deal: 

SUPER SAVER 2  – two 15 inch pizzas, chicken wings, coleslaw and a bottle of Coca-Cola – £27.99

Last Updated on September 2, 2022