It’s no secret that students eat a lot of junk, in fact, it’s almost a stereotype. But what is worth ordering if you’re a student in Southampton? We’re here to tell you, we’ve got a list of all the best takeaways for delivery in Southampton!

10. Mexifun 

Cuisine: Mexican

Price range: £1.45 to £8.45

Tel: 07405504030

mexican takeaway southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

If you’re looking for some great Mexican food in Southampton, try out Mexifun. They have tacos, nachos, rice bowls, enchiladas, quesadillas, burgers, wings, desserts and salads, all available to order on the phone or online through their website. The place has a 5 star rating on Trip Advisor, with 129 people calling the food Excellent. 

9. Dhaba59 

Cuisine: Indian

Price Range: £1.95 – £13.95

Tel: 023 82 512 115

Indian takeaway southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

Looking for ‘the best chicken tikka’ in Southampton? This Indian takeaway has exactly that according to Trip Advisor. Enjoy their Bombay Badboys, Tandoori Butter Wings and other exciting Indian dishes, cooked to perfection. Dhaba59 has 5 stars on Trip Advisor, and over 142 people have rated it Excellent. 

8. POPSI’s 

Cuisine: Pizza, Italian

Price Range: £1.50 – £13

Tel: 023 80 369 090

italian takeaway southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

Order now from Southampton’s award-winning pizzeria! They have traditional matured do with no additives, and have the best vegetarian and vegan pizzas in the city. You can choose from pesto bites, vegan pepperoni, garlic bread, Nduja garlic bread, and then their array of pizzas. It has 5 stars on Trip Advisor, with over 160 Excellent ratings.

7. Tandoori 

Cuisine: Indian

Price Range: £3.95 – £15

Tel: 023 80 441 900

indian takeaway southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

Looking for a good fill of Indian food? Tandoori has your back. They’ve got a range of starters, tandoori meat, massalla dishes and even a range of seafood. On Trip Advisors they’re rated 4.5 stars, with over 251 Excellent reviews.

6. The Little Fryer 

Cuisine: Fish and Chips

Price Range: £1 – £6

Tel: 023 80 436 184

fish and chips southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

Looking for some fresh fish and chips that tastes exactly like the seaside? Try out The Little Fryer! They’ve got a delivery minimum of £10 with a £2 delivery fee, or free delivery over £15. Choose from fish, sausage, nuggets, scampi, chips and extras and get that Fish ‘n’ Chips Friday feeling!

5. Fusion Noodle Bar 

Cuisine: Chinese

Price Range: £2 – £20

Tel: 023 8063 2221

chinese takeaway southampton
Sources: Deliveroo

With the choice of lots of little things or Family Box Meals, Couple Box Meals and Single Box Meals, Fusion Noodle Bar has something for every kind of occasion. You can pick from fried boxes, noodles, rice, and starters. What more could you want? We all love noodles!

4. Sakura 

Cuisine: Japanese

Price Range: £3 – £15

Tel:  023 8033 9988

japenese takaway southampton
Source: Uber Eats

Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? Why not try Sakura next time you’ve got a craving. Order from then on Deliveroo and enjoy a range of dishes such as Yaki Niku Teishoku, Tobiko Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki.

3. Beity 

Cuisine: Lebanese

Price Range: £5 to £15

Tel: 023 8033 1849

lebanese takeaway southampton
Source: Beity Restaurant Southampton Facebook

Fancy some Shawarma? What about Okra? This gorgeous Lebanese takeaway can provide just that. Available to order online on Just Eat or in-store, why not try something new!

2. Diego’s 

Cuisine: Rotisserie

Price Range: £3 – £20

Tel: 023 8178 2245

rotisserie takeaway southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

This rotisserie takeaway offers everything meat-related, from whole chickens, wings, steak, pork belly and even fish dishes. They really do have everything protein-related. And it’s all highly rated by their customers!

1. Blue Jasmine

Cuisine: Chinese

Price Range: £16 – £30

Tel:  023 8063 6387

asian takeaway southampton
Source: TheFork

This fine-dining restaurant gives the option of takeaway for anyone who’d rather enjoy their food in the comfort of their own home. If you’re looking for some Asian and Chinese cuisine that definitely won’t disappoint – give Blue Jasmine a go!