Can you believe New Year’s Eve is less than a month away? If you don’t have the time to search for plans, don’t worry, we’ve made the perfect list of the best New Year’s Eve events in Swansea and what you can expect from them!

NYE at Coyote Ugly

This year, Coyote Ugly is offering different packages for NYE! A £35 table package would get you bottles of prosecco, cocktails, and pitchers, whilst their most expensive package ,which gives you spirits, mixers, and moet, comes in at £150! However, if you don’t want a table package and prefer to just have a dance, tickets are only £2, which is a much more student-friendly price.

Sin City Emo Night

New Year's Eve events in Swansea 2022
Source: Instagram, @sincityswansea

Sin City are bringing back old-school emo for their New Year’s Eve plans. Sin City hosts emo nights every month, and they’re always a great night out. If you’re into bands like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, or Panic! At the Disco, then this is a night you’re not going to want to miss. Tickets are on sale now, so make sure you get yours before they sell out!

Founders & Co

New Year's Eve events in Swansea 2022
Source: Instagram, @foundersandcoswansea

Founders & Co are hosting a live music event for their New Year’s Eve, with disco and funk music being played by The Disco Panthers, a brass band from Swansea. Afterwards, they’ll have a DJ to bring you into the new year! This event is a bit more expensive than others though, as standard tickets are £18.

Fiction Utopia

New Year's Eve events in Swansea
Source: Fiction Swansea

Fiction always know how to throw the best parties, so of course they’re throwing a glow party to welcome in the new year. They’re promising UV lights and decor, and even some giant inflatables and, obviously, glow sticks. Tickets are ranging from £5 to £20, so if you definitely want to go, it’s worth getting that cheaper early bird ticket.

Pop World glow party

Pop World are known for their glow parties, and so this is how they’re celebrating the New Year in Swansea! You’ll definitely be needing some glow sticks and UV paint for this party. These tickets are a bit cheaper, ranging from £3 to £8, which is great for those of us who are at the end of our loans. They’re also offering a limited edition drinks menu starring Jack Daniels, perfect for you whiskey lovers.

Slug and Lettuce All That Glitters Party

New Year's Eve events in Swansea 2022
Source: Slug and Lettuce

If you love glitter, sparkle, and cocktails, then Slug and Lettuce are promising that this is the night for you. You can expect cocktails, music, and some dancing, the perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve in Swansea. You can pre-book for this event now, and also add in a VIP event! They’re being a bit secretive with what that includes, but no doubt cocktails will probably be involved.

Las Iguanas’ Bottomless Fiesta

Who doesn’t love bottomless brunch? Las Iguanas is celebrating the new year with bottomless brunch that costs £40 per person. They’ll be selling their classic cocktails with some of their amazing food, so the perfect way to get those New Year’s eve celebrations going!


If you’re planning on going to any of these events, it’s best to get those tickets booked as soon as possible! If your mind’s still worrying about Christmas, then read our article on how to do Christmas on a student budget!