Knowing where the best clubs are in a new city can be difficult, especially since you have no idea what type of music each club plays. From club nights to live music events, there really is something for everyone – especially in the city centre.

Whether you’re after cheap drinks, dance music or all kinds of different music styles – we got you.

So, whether you’re studying in Swansea, just settling into Swansea uni or just planning a visit, then here’s a list of the best clubs in Swansea for students.

Is Swansea nightlife really that good?

While Swansea might not have a ‘massive’ student population, there are certainly enough students to fill the city centre on a Friday night. Or any night of the week, saying that…

Wind Street in particular is home to a number of clubs in Swansea, making for some of the best student nights around. From resident DJs to singing karaoke to Dancing Queen, whatever tickles your pickle, there’s something for everyone to have a fantastic time in the city.

Sin City

The best clubs in Swansea for students
Source: Instagram, @sincityswansea

Sin City is the city’s favourite student club and one of the best clubs in Swansea by far. Their most popular club nights for students are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays are Hustle nights, where hip hop, Motown, funk, soul, and disco are played. And then on Thursdays, the club hosts Sin Savers, which is so popular with Swansea’s students that you can be queueing for hours to get in!

They play songs from a variety of genres, so it’s a night everyone loves. But one of Sin City’s favourite club nights in Swansea for students is its emo night called Thnks Fr Th Mmmrs, which is a throwback to those emo days when we were listening to the best music. There’s always a club night you’ll like, so check their website to see what’s on!


The best clubs in Swansea for students
Source: Instagram, @fictionswansea

This is another one of the best clubs to try in Swansea that’s popular with students. There’s a lot of rivalry about which club is better – Fiction or Sin? Fiction has three different rooms, all playing a different genre of music. Curve mainly plays grime and rap, whilst Fiction plays drum and bass music all night. However, my favourite room is Vinyl. You will most probably know every song that is played in Vinyl, and expect to hear Mr Brightside at least a few times a night. They also have celebrities visiting every now and then, such as The Beast from The Chase! It gets packed on the weekends, so be sure to go early!

Jack Murphys

Jack Murphy’s has recently moved into a bigger building and now has a proper club at the back of the bar. The music in Basement Jacks varies, so you can never guarantee what they will play. Nevertheless, Jack Murphys is one of the best nightclubs in Swansea for students. The atmosphere is always perfect, and there are tables in the bar area if you don’t fancy dancing.


The best clubs in Swansea for students
Source: Instagram, @dorothysshowbarswansea

Dorothy’s is a sort of new nightclub in the Swansea club scene. Each night is hosted by a different drag queen, so obviously it’s a fun night out. They play music everyone loves and knows, so it’s great if you fancy singing along. Dorothy’s is a pretty small club, so when it’s busy, it gets crowded. If you want to go when it’s quieter, it usually isn’t full during the week. But if you love a busy club, then it’s best to go on the weekend.

Pop World

The best clubs in Swansea for students
Source: Instagram @popworldswansea

Pop World is a classic club in Swansea for students. As you can imagine, they play pop music, and the whole club has a glow-in-the-dark vibe. During the week, it rarely gets so busy that you’ll have to queue for a while, but on the weekends it can get pretty full. Pop World always has fun events for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, with themed drinks and cocktails!

Bambu Beach Bar

The best clubs in Swansea for students
Source: Instagram, @bambuswansea

Bambu is the closest thing you’re going to get to Hawaii in Swansea. As one of the best clubs for students in Swansea, they play a variety of music, but always try to keep that summer atmosphere going. You definitely can’t go here without leaving with a lei or two. Bambu also has live music on sometimes, and also karaoke! However, you do have to book these in advance, which you can do through their website.

Plan B

Plan B is Swansea’s newest nightclub, so it hasn’t gotten much attention yet. It’s not on Wind Street either, making it a different night out for students. However, with two floors, both playing a variety of music genres, Plan B is becoming more popular as one of the best clubs in Swansea for students.


The best clubs in Swansea for students
Source: instagram @peppermintbarswansea

Not only is Peppermint a nightclub, but it’s also a bar and restaurant during the day! In the night, Peppermint turns into a nightclub that everyone in Swansea knows about. The nightclub is famous for its cocktails, which are amazing.

My favourite part about this Swansea club is that every Wednesday, if you beat the barman at a game of rock, paper, scissors, you can double your round for free! It’s a really fun way to get the night started, which is why it’s so popular, and makes Peppermint one of the best clubs in Swansea for students.

Hangar 18

clubs in swansea
Source: Instagram @hangar18mv

Although mostly a live music venue, Hangar 18 also doubles up as a nightclub. If you’re a fan of live music and a buzzing atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place. This 370 capacity nightclub in Swansea features a variety of club nights, including rave nights, trance sets and Halloween parties.

Common questions about clubs in Swansea

Is Club Oxygen still open in Swansea?

Sorry to break it to you… Club Oxygen is permanently closed.

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Where’s the best place for cheap drinks in Swansea?

Most nights, there’s something going on in Swansea, especially in the city centre. If you’re looking for a night out on a budget, don’t fret, we’ve got the best cheap bars for the job.

Is there anywhere to do karaoke in Swansea?

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What about student nights in Swansea?

It’s not just Saturday nights that call for dance music! Thankfully, there’s a lot happening in Swansea, especially across Wind Street.

We’ve even put a list together of some of the best student nights for you, so you know exactly where to go every night of the week.

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