Cool Places in Coventry Opening Soon

As lockdown restrictions gradually lift, it is a good time to think about what you will be getting up to during your spring and summer breaks. From more cultural and art spaces opening to indoor hospitality and indoor household mixing, things are going back to normal soon. Here are a few cool places in Coventry opening soon. 17th May, here we come!

1.   Herbert Art Gallery

Credit: Art Uk

This just in: City of Culture 2021 is happening in Coventry, and they’re bringing this year’s Turner Prize to the Herbert Art Gallery. From the 17th of May, indulge yourself in the art of this year’s nominees: Array Collective, Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S), Cooking Sections, Gentle/Radical, and Project Art Works. All this year’s nominees are socially engaged and are art collectives, showing that there is a community within the arts sector. This is a wonderful way to bring back the restoration of the arts sector, which has suffered greatly in the hands of the pandemic.

The Herbert Art Gallery is known to showcase local artists in their best light as well as tell the history of Coventry in many words. This is one of the biggest places to be looking forward to as the City of Culture starts to open its doors. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

2.   ODEN Cinema

Credit: Coventry City Centre

Have you been waiting to watch movies on the big screen again? I certainly have. From next week, the ODEON Cinema will be open, streaming some of the biggest movies released this year, and one I have been anticipating for a while now – Demon Slayer. So, for the anime lovers out there, this is your time to shine. Get the cosplay out!

ODEON Cinemas are known to have comfortable seating and perfect surround sound, meaning you’ll hear every audio detail in high quality. Included in this nine-screen multiplex cinema is a licensed bar for refreshments with great customer service. This is a long-awaited place for many people to go back to.

3.   Coventry Skydome

Credit: Coventry Skydome

Skaters and non-skaters alike, be prepared to get back into practice! The Skydome will be opening its doors soon, so treat yourself to a break from the sunny and hot days ahead with a cool ice break. With a simple booking of your space, you can enjoy 1.5+ hour slots of skating fun with your friends and family. Not to forget the legendary Coventry Blaze matches taking place at the Skydome! If you’re into ice hockey, this is a place to watch be excited about. The Skydome also offers refreshments during your stay in case you’re feeling a little parched or peckish.

4.   Shin

Credit: Coventry City Centre

A personal favourite of mine that I’m quite excited for is Shin Japanese Bar & Restaurant. This restaurant has been closed due to only serving indoor hospitality, however with the ease of lockdown restrictions; we will see this restaurant open itself back to the public once again with their authentic Japanese menu. Shin brings the original flavours of Japan to the heart of Coventry with their varied menu. Feel free to explore different dishes at an affordable price. With excellent customer service making you feel at home and welcomed, you will enjoy your stay at Shin Japanese Bar and Restaurant. Make sure to book a table as soon as possible!

5.   Belgrade Theatre

Credit: Belgrade Theatre

Lastly, we have the first civic theatre to be built after the Second World War, the Belgrade Theatre. Now classified as a Grade II listed building, this live performance theatre will be opening its doors very soon for many shows which have already been booked. This theatre is quite popular among Coventry locals and all those around the West Midlands. They help to support the representation within the arts sector and draws all cultures together. There will be multiple events running in the theatre during this year’s City of Culture, so make sure to check their website for all updates. You especially don’t want to miss their yearly Panto, this year being Beauty and the Beast!

From the 17th of May, there will be a huge excitement with all these places opening, but please remember to stay safe and wear your mask, whilst maintaining a 2m distance where you can. From indoor hospitality to live and non-live performances, there’s something out there for everyone this spring and summer whilst we create our new normal. If there is any other places you’re excited to see in Coventry soon, let us know in the comments below!

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