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Discovered: These are the least diverse universities in the UK.

International students bring so much to UK universities. Aside from the obvious, like new skills, new perspectives and of course, money, international students bring diversity to university campuses. However, this isn’t the case for every uni. In fact, while some universities have students from as many as 170 nationalities enrolled in their course, others have as few as 20. So, without further ado, read on to found out which are the least diverse universities in the UK.

10. York St John University

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Firstly, coming in at position number 10 is York St John University. This campus-based uni in York offers plenty of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees for students to choose from. However, despite its study options, it is one of the least diverse universities in the UK. There are just 61 nationalities and 548 international students enrolled.

9. Royal College of Music

Next on our list is the Royal College of Music. This world-renowned UK university is located in London and has had its fair share of famous alumni. Students here can opt to study a four-year undergraduate bachelor of music. This is designed to prepare students for a career as a professional musician. However, it only has 58 nationalities and 417 international students in attendance (but this could be due to its smaller size.)

8. Harper Adams University

Following on in position number 8 on our list of the least diverse universities in the UK is Harper Adams University. This university is located in Newport, Shropshire and is set on a 494-hectare farm. It’s a leading specialist university tackling the future development of food production, processing, animal sciences, engineering, land management and sustainable business.

What’s more, it has won plenty of awards when it comes to student satisfaction, student support and graduation prospects. However, it doesn’t bode well for diversity, with only 57 nationalities enrolled in the uni. However, this probably says more about its niche subjects and campus size than being a reflection on the uni itself.

7. Royal Northern College of Music

Next up on our list is the Royal College of Music. Its Manchester campus is home to budding musicians and students can opt to study in a number of different disciplines such as the school of strings, the school of vocal studies and opera, the school of keyboard studies and the school of wind, brass and percussion. However, it’s not home to the most diverse selection of students, with only 54 nationalities in attendance.

6. University of London

Despite being located in the UK’s Multicultural capital, we have deiced to put the University of London in position number 6 of our list of the least diverse universities in the UK. It’s a tricky one, considering this uni offers distance learning and flexible study options in addition to its on-campus degrees. However, numerous schools within this university came up as having the least number of international students. This included the Royal Academy of Music, the Institute of Cancer Research and the Courtauld Institute of Art.

5. Royal Agricultural university

The Royal Agricultural University takes position number 5 in our list. This Glouchestrire based university offers degrees in subjects such as Agri-food business management, Applied Equine Science and Business and Applied Farm management. However, its courses aren’t so popular with international students, with only 48 nationalities enrolled in the university.

4. Leeds Trinity University

Next up on our list, in position number 4 is Leeds Trinity University. We were surprised by this one, considering it is an incredibly popular UK university. It offers degrees in a range of subjects, from Accounting to Journalism and Psychology. However, for some reason, it’s not so popular with international students, with only 46 nationalities, and 184 students,  in attendance on average. Perhaps they’re all studying at Leeds University instead?

3. Plymouth Marijon University

Following on, we head to Plymouth Marijon University. This university is on the smaller side, with only a singular campus so it’s not surprising there are few international students here. The uni offers degrees in areas such as Criminology, Psychology and Education. Many of these are the most useful degrees that you can study so it may be worth keeping in mind as an option.

2. Writtle University college

You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t heard of this university. With a campus-based near Chelmford in Essex, it only gained University College Status in 2016. It offers courses that are designed with employability in mind, including degree apprenticeships. (You can find out more about the pros and cons of those here.) In terms of diversity, it is one of the lowest on our list, with only 35 nationalities enrolled on average.

1.Bisshop Grosseteste university

Finally, coming in the first place and crowned the least diverse university in the UK is Bishop Grosseteste university. This university is located in the city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire and offers courses from Foundation degrees to PhD level. It is recognised for high employability prospects and student satisfaction rates. However, it is fairly new as a university which we’re guessing is why it’s less popular with international students. On average, there are only 20 nationalities and 33 international students enrolled in Bishop Grosseteste University.

So, that’s a wrap for our list of the least diverse universities in the UK. Stay tuned for our list of the most diverse universities in the UK- great for international students wanting to fit in. Are you an international student studying in the UK? Say hi in the comments and let us know how you are finding your experience of studying abroad in the UK. 

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