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Ever wondered what the cast of Love Island 2021 do now?

We all love watching as ITV ships out new groups of sexy singletons to sunny holiday destinations each year, but what do they get up to after the sun, sea and sex? Well, here is what the cast of Love Island are up to now, including some of the richest stars of the show

Liam Reardon and Millie Court 

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Liam and Millie were the winning couple of Love Island Series 7, and they came onto the show merely a few days apart. Since the ending of the show, they have remained a couple and, in November 2021 the couple moved in together in Essex.

Liam announced just after moving in with Millie that he intended to leave the limelight and make his living through property. Millie, on the other hand, has signed a multimillion-pound deal with ASOS, her previous employer, to become a global face for the huge fashion brand.

Faye Winter and Teddy Soares 

Faye and Teddy struggled with other partners on the show before ending up together. They finished Series 7 of Love Island in 3rd place, and are still together now. They moved in together in November 2021, and have both turned down endorsement deals in order to keep their relationship real and to prove they didn’t go on the show for money.

Faye is now a Campaign Star for Guide Dogs and called her role ‘life-changing’, whilst her partner. Teddy, appeared on Strictly The Real Full Monty in 2021, and is a brand ambassador for Jack Wills.

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran

On the show, this couple had a bumpy road, and at one point were easily the most disliked couple on the show for a while. But by the end, they ended up in 2nd place. Like their other cast members, the couple moved in together at the end of 2021.

Chloe, since the show, has been managing a successful YouTube channel, and Toby is a Boohoo ambassador and still plays footy for Hashtag United.

Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruikshank

Tyler and Kaz ended the show as a couple and came 4th overall. Since then, however, the couple has split. They announced their break up in December 2021.

Kaz has since then worked with various media outlets to speak out about TV representation and body positivity, revealing her own past and struggles with body confidence. Likewise, Tyler has been working on social media as an influencer to urge people to talk about their mental health.

Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson

Mary and Aaron had a spark almost instantly, or so it seemed. They paired up quickly on the show, and left early, but despite the apparent chemistry, they split almost as soon as they left the island. In interviews since the split, Mary has admitted that Aaron is more like a best friend to her, and that they decided to see where their romantic attachment would take them. But now, they are both single and focusing on their careers.

Mary has picked up where she left off, working as a model for companies like Boux Avenue, with an added influencer boost from the show. Aaron is now a brand promoter and fitness coach.

Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis 

Lucinda and Aaron left the show together, with Lucinda stating she wanted to continue their relationship. But Aaron had other ideas, saying that he wouldn’t introduce her to his family. Only 3 days after being dumped from the island, the pair revealed they had split, and Lucinda called Aaron “a really good friend”.

Lucinda is now back with her ex, football Aaron Connolly, who she had split up with during lockdown, and she is now working as a social media influencer. Aaron is a YouTuber and brand ambassador on Instagram.

Liberty Poole 

Liberty was dating Jake Cornish on the show, and whilst they were a fan favourite on the show, with a pretty sizeable fanbase, just before the finale, they split up.  Since then, Liberty Poole has appeared on Dancing On Ice, and has signed a million-pound deal with InTheStyle.

Jake Cornish 

Jake ended his relationship with Liberty Poole just before the end of the series, despite being one of the first couples to pair up. He said it was because he didn’t want to “rip off” Liberty’s clothes. Since the show, though, he’s been the one ripping his own clothes off, touring with UK dance group Dreamboys!

Shannon Singh

Shannon left the villa super early, but she has since got back with her ex-boyfriend, DJ Ben Stirling. The couple bumped into one another at a festival, and one thing led to another. Career-wise, Singh moved to London and continued her life of modelling and influencing.

Abi Rawlings

Abi got together with Toby originally, and then they split when Toby returned from Casa Amor with Amy. She then paired up with Dale, and the couple were dumped from the villa together. Despite everyone thinking the two were perfect with one another, they’ve since split and Abi is back with her ex-boyfriend. When talking about it she said “[she] didn’t find love in the villa, but it’s fine, it was waiting back home for [her]”. Sweet, right? Oh, and she’s a tattoo artist!

Brad McClelland

Brad was dumped from the villa with Lucinda when neither of them could decide who should stay. He eventually suggested Lucinda stay and find love, and in his exit interview seemed very sad about losing her to the show. After the show, McClelland has reunited with a few castmates like Liberty Poole and has been hiking and working as an influencer.

Hugo Hammond

Whilst Hugo didn’t find love on the show, he has been using the show to fuel his social media content on TikTok. Since the island, he has been spotted on both Tinder and Hinge as he tries to find The One.

Sharon Gaffka 

Sharon Gaffka left the island halfway through the season, and then took to the media and openly spoke about her experience on the show. She said she felt like a “supporting role”. Since then she’s worked with brands to share their content on her Instagram.

Chuggs Wallis 

Chuggs left the villa after only a few days, getting to do neither of the things that make up his nickname: cuddles and hugs. Chuggs, or Oliver, ran a successful bucket hat company before the island, and has continued it since leaving the show. He runs the company full-time and has also started making bum-bags as well as bucket hats.

Rachel Finni

Rachel didn’t last long in the villa, after being told to get to know other people by Brad, and having Teddy swept away by Faye. Since the show, Rachel has started to work in hospitality, influencing on the side, as well as running a food blog. She hopes to work and find her man to marry, to eventually end up somebody’s gorgeous housewife.

AJ Bunker 

AJ was only on the show for 6 days, but during that time briefly coupled up with Hugo Hammond. Since the show she’s become an Instagram model for Flair MGMT and Sweet Rebellion Hair.

Danny Bibby

Now dating gorgeous Naomi Walsh, Danny Bibby was a controversial cast member on the show after evidence of him using racial slurs online appeared following his appearance on the show. He apologised for the word twice, once on the show and once after being dumped.

On top of that, he was quickly labelled a manipulator and wife-beater after being involved in a love triangle with Lucinda and Aaron Francis. He’s since blasted the show’s production team for editing the show to paint him to be a bad guy.

Georgia Townend 

Everyone agreed that Georgia went home early. She was only on our screens for 2 days before she was dumped because Hugo decided to save Chloe Burrows. But despite that, she quickly became a fan favourite. Georgia revealed quickly after her exit that she had returned to her job in Lidl.

Amy Day

It comes as no surprise that Amy and Hugo didn’t last after Hugo called his experience on the show ‘tragic’ right in front of her. Instead, Amy is now dating Shipwrecked reality star Patrick Deaco. They’ve moved in together and are seemingly very, very happy.

Dale Mehmet

Dale Mehmet is a barber who owns his own barbers! He is also a model, and despite being dumped from the show in Week 7, is doing pretty well for himself outside of the villa! It would appear that he’s still single, and just living his best life.

Matthew McNaab

Since leaving the show, Co Down man Matthew has been on RTE One’s Dancing With The Stars. He’s also an influencer and a model, and is getting more and more built the more we look!

Clarisse Juliette

From WAG to Love Islander, Clarisse Juliette knows exactly how to pick them! She was originally bought back from Casa Amor to the villa by Tyler, and then left the show single. But since the show she’s been hosting a YouTube channel and working as an influencer.

Sam Jackson 

Sam’s experience on the show wasn’t very long, but he paired with Faye briefly when Faye saw Teddy kissing someone else. But soon after, the couple split and Faye returned to Teddy. A week after joining the show, he was dumped. Since then, he’s been working as a model on Instagram.

Priya Gopaldas 

Since leaving the show with Brett Staniland, Priya has revealed that she is still looking for love and that she’d love to find The One. She is studying to be a surgeon, and since the show has revealed she herself has a chronic lung condition.

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