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Everything we’re expecting from Season two of Bridgerton & ‘that lake scene’

We are counting down the days until Season two of Bridgerton lands on Netflix and we honestly couldn’t be more excited. Our favourite period show left a regency-shaped hole in our life after the season one finale. In fact, we’ve been rereading the books and have had the trailer on repeat since the day that it was released. So, in celebration of its return on the 25th of March 2022, and just in case you needed a little refresher; here’s everything that we are expecting to see from Season two of Bridgerton. Attention- spoiler alert! 

Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne Bridgerton season 2

Firstly, we all rejoiced at the lead character, Daphne Bridgeton’s, happily ever after marriage at the end of season one and you will be happy to hear that she is back for the newest season. However, Daphne is stepping down into a supporting role this season. Instead, she’s serving as a devoted sister, helping her brother Anthony in his search for marriage.

Stunning costumes

Of course, no series of Bridgerton is complete without some stunning costumes. In fact, this season has dropped just in time to give you some inspiration for grad ball outfits.

New faces

Kate Sharma and Edwina Sharma Bridgerton

If you’re anything like us, then you were probably devasted at the news that RegeJean Page would not be reprising his role as the Duke of Hastings in the upcoming season. However, season two of Bridgeton will see a few new faces instead. So, who is joining the cast for season two? Well, most notably, we meet the Sharma sisters who have moved to the UK from Bombay. The sisters, Kate Sharma (played by Simone Ashely who you might recognise from Sex Education) and Edwina Sharma (played by Charinthra Chandran) play a key role in the main romantic storyline in the newest season. Read on to find out more about the sister’s love triangle.

Lady Whistledown

In a plot twist at the end of the last season, Penelope was revealed as Lady Whilstledown (the town gossip behind the scandalous column, Lady Whilstledown’s Society Papers.’) Her identity was revealed much earlier than in the books and shocked audiences when it emerged. Therefore, this season we’re expecting to see Penelope’s role in the show expand as she tries to keep her alias a secret- despite Queen Charlotte’s attempts to uncover their identity.


Of course, we can expect plenty of romance from season two of Bridgerton. However, now that the Duke and Daphne’s romance has taken a back seat, there’s a new set of romantic leads instead. So, if you’ve watched the trailer for season two, you’ll know that this is the season where Anthony Bridgerton is on the search for a wife. Of course, we got to know him in season one, as a loveable character and someone who is thrust into a role of responsibility before he’s ready for it. His pure and true intentions make for an interesting and heartwarming love triangle in this season between Anthony, Kate and Edwina. In fact, you may have already read about this love triangle in the book. However, the show is set to expand on this a little bit more.

That lake scene

the lake scene Bridgerton season two

Now, it’s the scene that everyone is talking about from the new series. If you haven’t already seen this sneak peak from the new series then picture this. There’s Kate, off on a romantic boat ride with a love interest. Then, there’s Anthony shooting smouldering looks in the background. Anthony rushes over to help Kate out of the boat (eye contact alert!) before tripping over and ending up in the water. Of course, he gets out of the lake true ‘Pride and Prejudice, Mr Darcy fashion. Yes, it’s a wet white shirt moment alert!

Queen Charlotte

Of course, one of the best ways to get spoilers for the new season of Brigetron is to read the books. However, there are some additions that Shona Rhimes has created for the show. Most noticeably, is the character of the Queen played by Golda Rusheuvel. IIn fact, in a recent interview, book author Julia Quinn actually says that Rushevel’s portrayal of the Queen is so magnificent that she ‘wished she had written her into the books.’ In fact, it’s been confirmed that Queen Charlotte is actually getting her own show- YAY!

So, hands up, who will be tuning in to the new season of Bridgerton? Plus, is there anything else you’re looking forward to seeing in the show? Let us know in the comments!

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