Everything you need to know about Demi Lovato: Dancing with the devil

Demi Lovato is an American singer, actress, and former Disney star who rose to fame after winning the hearts of an entire generation. Over the years, she has suffered with her mental health and addiction, almost dying in 2018 from an overdose.

Recently the star has once again been in our headlines after announcing the release of her new documentary, Dancing with the Devil. There is a lot of speculation and rumours surrounding this documentary, and if you have seen the trailer, you must be as excited as we are to watch the whole thing. Here is everything you need to know about it, including when and where you can watch it.

When and where can I watch it?

If you are desperate to watch the documentary, you do not have long left to wait! On March 23rd at 7pm, the first part of the four part documentary series will be released on Demi Lovato’s Youtube channel. All we know so far about the first part is that it is 22 minutes long, and entitled ‘Losing Control’.

All four parts will be released over the course of four weeks, leading us to believe that they will be released weekly, with each part being 20-30 minutes long. The documentary will not be available on Netflix or Prime, or at least not yet, and will be available for everyone to watch for free on Youtube.

What is the documentary about?

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The documentary was filmed by filmmaker Micheal Ratner, and It follows Demi’s life and her career, and she is said not to have held anything back. It focuses on the months leading up to and after her overdose, where after suffering multiple strokes and heart attacks Demi almost died.

All of which Demi is able to talk about and set the record straight whilst also showing how her life is now, including her new appreciative outlook on life.

However, the documentary also looks at Demi’s past, including how she lost her virginity to rape during her time on Disney Channel. The documentary looks into Demi’s depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and sobriety, as well as her fathers battle with addiction before his death in 2013.

Who else makes an appearance?

Source: The Sun

In the documentary trailer, numerous celebrities are shown sharing their thoughts on Demi and everything she has been through, including Elton John, who said: “When you’re young, and you’re famous, my god it’s tough.”

Other people that made an appearance in the trailer include her sister Dallas Lovato and her best friend, Matthew Scott Montgomery. 

Although she did not appear in the trailer, Christina Aguilera has also taken part in the documentary. Christina, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin have all been named by Demi in the past as her vocal influences.

Is this the first Demi documentary?

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This is not the first documentary Demi has been apart of, as in 2017 she released her Simply Complicated documentary to her Youtube Channel, which is still there if you want to watch it. This documentary is over an hour long and released all at once and also shows Demi’s struggles with substance abuse and mental health. Plus, Demi also received a directors cut video from this documentary, showing various clips that did not make it into the documentary itself.

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