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Boris Johnson’s children: Milo Arthur Johnson and Cassia Peaches Johnson

You may have read the recent article discussing Boris’ complicated love life and you may be after more information about his many children. Milo Arthur Johnson, now 26, was the first son of Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler. Here you can get to know him a little bit better: What did he enjoy? What did he study and pursue as a career?

Milo Arthur Johnson 

milo arthur johnson
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Early Life

Milo was born in 1995 making him the second eldest child and the first boy of Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler. There is very little information about Milo’s private life but it is said that he loved sports and learning.


Milo’s siblings include Lara Lettice, who is now a writer, editor and broadcaster; Cassia Peaches who was a student editor whilst at Highgate school; and Theodore Apollo who currently studies at Cambridge University.


westminster school
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Milo attended a £27,174 a year Westminster School where he developed a love for sports. In fact, Milo was described as a “delight to watch” and “without doubt the player of the season” in the 2011 issue of his school magazine for his football ability. After this he studied at the London School of Oriental and African Studies which prompted him to complete a five-month internship at Esquire in the Middle East.

Leading on from his cultural education, Milo is known to speak French, Russian and Arabic – very impressive!

Present Day

milo arthur johnson
Source: The Sun

Milo’s parents, Marina and Boris, remained together for 25 years but recently split in 2018 owing to Boris’ new relationship with Carrie Symonds. There is scant information on what Milo now gets up to but we can be sure he still dabbles in his love for language, sport and culture!

Cassia Peaches Johnson

cassia peaches johnson
Source: The Sun

Early Life  

Cassia Peaches Johnson was born in 1997, making her 24 years old at the time of writing this article. Despite her being one of the youngest of Boris’ children, Cassia boasts a degree at Trinity College Dublin.


Cassia attended Highgate school in North London, which costs around £18,000 a year. Despite this being a gut-wrenching amount for the average person, this pales in comparison to Milo’s tuition at Westminster, where he was required to pay around £27,000 annually. During her time at school Cassia was the student editor of their alumni magazine Cholmeleian. After attending Highgate Cassia attended the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin.

Later Life

Owing to her early start in editing and journalism, it is speculated that Cassia aspires to be a writer. It is hard to find any detailed information on what she is currently spending her time doing but we can assume she has a pen in hand.

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