Everything you need to know about Ryan-Mark Parsons

The Apprentice has been a nationwide favourite among British TV fans for a long time, and fans of the show will surely remember Ryan-Mark Parsons for several reasons. Having featured on the programme in 2019, he stood out for his often comedic statements aimed at other candidates – many will remember the ‘you made a U-Turn, you are a U-Turn’ fiasco – as well as his obviously more youthful appearance compared to the other contestants. It turns out that Parsons is a fascinating individual in his own right, so without hesitation, here are some of the key facts to know about Ryan-Mark Parsons.

Parsons currently has a net worth of around $1 – 5 million, and so far, he has worked as a journalist, media personality and brand ambassador. He has additionally received the honour of being a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Youngest ever candidate in The Apprentice history

Everything you need to know about Ryan-Mark Parsons
Credit: Radio Times

Ryan-Mark Parsons strolled onto The Apprentice set at the tender age of nineteen, making him the youngest candidate ever to grace the show’s set since it began in 2005. Parsons was born in April 2000, and it would be safe to assume that his young age intimidated certain other candidates during the show’s 15th season.

The Apprentice is not the only BBC show that Parsons has appeared on

Credit: Eminetra

Many may not remember, but as well as The Apprentice, Ryan-Mark Parsons also appeared on BBC Three’s Eating With My Ex in early 2021. Parsons is shown having a rather tense conversation with his ex-partner Oskars about what went wrong in their relationship, and it’s safe to say that things got a little bit awkward. This episode is a definite tone change from his otherwise business formal – albeit the occasional eccentric comment – appearances on his first TV show.

Supports the trade of animal fur

Ryan-Mark Parsons
Credit: Youtube

Parson’s views have been branded controversial on multiple occasions, and this one certainly qualifies as contentious. In an appearance on the ITV show Good Morning Britain, Parsons argued that koala fur from animals who perished in Australian bushfires should be used to make fur products, using the example of a scarf. It’s safe to say that this comment caused a fair amount of outrage from viewers.

A column in the Daily Star Online

Ryan-Mark Parsons daily star
Credit: Daily Star

Ryan-Mark Parsons began writing for the Daily Star Online as a columnist at the start of 2020, where he has frequently shared his opinions about political and celebrity matters. Through his writings, he has been known not to hold back his opinions, and often takes an anti-PC stance when describing his views on society. Recently, Parsons has called out singer Rita Ora for breaking the UK lockdown when she had a house party, branding her irresponsible.

Branded the other Apprentice contestants as ‘revolting’

Ryan-Mark Parsons apprentice
Credit: Daily Mail

It was pretty clear from the get-go that Parsons disliked many of his fellow 2019 Apprentice candidates, and he was not afraid to show his anger while the cameras were rolling. However, he even went as far as to call them ‘revolting’ and claim the house was ‘awful’ in an interview after the show. OK! Magazine reported his comments, revealing that he thought the house was unhygienic and that the other contestants were both ‘smelly’ and ‘loud’. It’s safe to say that Parsons didn’t seem to enjoy his experience.

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