Former famous Alumni’s you didn’t know went to your University – Part 1

I’m sure we’ve all wondered what famous faces have braced our university corridors before us and what were there experiences like. Unifresher can exclusively reveal some of the surprising celebrity faces that went to your universities.

These alumni’s have gone on to do some incredible things and it all started at your universities, just shows anything is possible right…

University of Bath

1.Shelley Rudman

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Source: BBC

Shelley Rudman is one of Britain’s most successful skeleton bobsleigh athletes. She’s a 2013 world champion, with an olympic silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Skeleton. If that isn’t enough, she’s also a former World cup and European champion. The best bit is she is a former alumni at the University of Bath!

She lived in Sheffield for 9 years but is currently living in Wiltshire. It’s unclear what she is currently doing in 2019 but if you no comment below.

2. Ash Atalla

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Source: BBC

Ash Atalla is best known for producing  The Office, The IT Crowd and Man Stroke Women. He made his first TV appearance in 1999 when he co-presented series disability, freak out on channel 4.

Atalla had polio as a baby and as a result uses a wheelchair. He was born into a middle-class family in Cairo and immigrated to London because of his dad’s job. He is a former alumni of the University of Bath, pretty impressive hey!

3. Thomas Pellereau

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Source: Radio Times

Tom Pellereau is an inventor and is best known for winning The BBC Apprentice and becoming Lord Sugar’s first business partner. He invested StylPro, Stylfile, Nipper Clipper which made him millions.

He has a desire to fix small frustrations in life and clearly has innovative thinking and a simple approach to designs. He says ” I love inventing products to make people’s lives better” and it all started as an alumni at the University of Bath!

University of Birmingham

1. Chris Addison

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Source: Geek Town

Chris studied BA English and is one of Britains most loved comedians. He has since been involved in the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival a whopping 11 times! In 2004 he was nominated for the prestigious Perrier award for his comedy show “Civilisation”.

He is best known for his current role as a panellist on Mock The Week and his lecture-style comedy shows which later was adapted for Radio 4. In addition to his stand up, he is also on the show Satire the Thick of it and Toby in its spin-off film In the Loop on BBC Two. If all this wasn’t enough, he also co-created and starred in the BBC Two sitcom Lab Rat. Pretty impressive and all started from a former alumni at the University of Birmingham.

2. Ellie Crisell

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Ellis is a journalist and TV presenter, best known for presenting on Newsround on the BBC. She is currently presenting the BBC South East Today.

She studied BA Drama and Theatre in 1998 at the University of Birmingham and has carved a very successful presenting career since then. She was one of the first to present on the Asian tsunami, being flown out to Indonesia in 2004. She described the devastation as unforgettable and a defining moment in her life.

Ellie began presenting at ITN, firstly on radio and then on channel 5 television news updates. She always new from a young age that she wanted to do broadcasting. “I was always a bit of a performer, getting involved with school plays, dancing, music and being on stage,” she explains. “Working in media combines two strong things about me – I’m confident and have a natural curiosity about the world”.

She says ‘The course I chose was perfect for me and what made my time there so special was the people I met. I made a big bunch of friends in freshers’ week and we’re still really close now.

‘I immediately fell in love with the place, as soon as I got there I felt at home. I found kindred spirits really quickly and it’s a place I’d recommend to anyone.’

3. Hannah England

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Hannah studied Biochemistry in 2009 at the University of Birmingham. She is a professional 1500 metre runner and was crowned in 2011as a silver medalist at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu. She has also competed for team GB at the London 2012 Olympics.

University of Brighton

1. Pooja Shah

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Pooja Shah is a British Actor and a model of Kenyan-Asian descent. She is a former alumni from the University of Brighton and graduated in 2001 with a BA hons Degree in Theatre with Visual Practice.

She has been in film Bend it like Beckham, Sinjata, Is Harry on The Boat. She is also known for roles in BBC Hosbital Drama Holby City, Adventure Inc and Eastenders.

2. Gill Mcdonald

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Gill is a British Businesswomen with a very impressive CV. She was the CEO of Halfords and former head of fast food chain McDonald’s in the UK. She is now head of Marks & Spencer’s non-food business which includes clothing, home and beauty. Not bad for a former alumni of the University Of Brighton.

3. Fatboy Slim

Yes you are one lucky uni to have produced Fatboy Slim!! He is an English JD, Musician, rapper and record producer. He has won ten MTV video music awards and two Brit Awards. He first rose to fame in the 1980s as the bassist of the indie rock band The Housemartins who scored a UK number-one single with their cover of Isley-Jasper-Isley’s Caravan of Love. Fatboy Slim is a former alumni of the University of Brighton.


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