Free stuff on your birthday: How to get loads of freebies

Free stuff at any time of the year is a lovely treat for most students.

But freebies on your birthday are an extra special thing.

Luckily for us, hundreds of companies have realised that and are trying to take advantage of it.

For you, that means a chance to get loads of freebies on your special day.

But how do you get free stuff on your birthday? And where can you get free stuff on your birthday?

Those are the questions Unifresher will be answering…

Birthday freebies: How do they work?

There are two main freebies on your birthday. The first are outright free items.

Companies such as Benugo, Krispy Kreme and Greggs will hand over a treat on your birthday with no commitment to buy anything. These are the ones we love the most as there is no spend involved at all.

Other companies, such as Frankie & Bennie’s, offer buy one get one free deals or 50% off. However, while this is a pretty good deal, we will focus on the companies offering truly free items rather than heavily discounted in this article.

Where can I get free stuff on my birthday?

So to the part of the article you really came for: Where to get freebies on your birthday.

Hundreds of companies attempt to lure you into their shop on their big day (especially because you’ve got Granny’s annual £10 note burning a hole in your pocket).

To make it easier we have divided the free stuff into food, drinks, cosmetics and other so you can whizz straight to the offers that work best for you.

Free food on your birthday


Where: Krispy Kreme
What: A free Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee coupon
Rules: Simply sign up to the Friends of Krispy Kreme and register for the loyalty scheme. You will then get a voucher on your birthday to be used in-store.


Where: Greggs
What: A free cupcake, cream cake or doughnut
Rules: Just get the Greggs app and register with the loyalty scheme. You’ll receive a voucher to show in-store on your birthday.


Where: Subway
What: A free Subway cookie
Rules: Register for a Subcard and you will receive a free cookie on your birthday at Subway.


Where: Patisserie Valerie
What: A free Patisserie Valerie cup cake
Rules: Sign-up to the Cake Club (yes, I know, why haven’t you joined already?) and you will receive an email on your birthday to claim a free cupcake.


Where: Barburrito
What: A free burrito
Rules: Register with Barburrito’s La Familia loyalty card scheme and you will receive an email on your birthday, treating you to a whole, free burrito.


Where: Millie’s Cookies
What: A free cookie
Rules: Sign up to Millie’s Cookies’ Cookie Club newsletter and receive a free (you guessed it) cookie on your birthday.


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