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Get £1,500 if you’re stuck at home and still paying rent…

The Scottish Government have announced a fund that allows any Scottish student to get a sum of money up to £1500 if they are living away from their student housing or halls of residence but are still paying rent.

The fund is available to students who have been unsuccessful in getting rent reductions, rebates or are suffering financially. The fund opened on the 1st March and the distribution is up to universities.

Applications will be dealt with on a first come, first serve basis, with some students gaining priority. For example, any students who are currently at home but still paying rent for private university accommodation. No new student applications will be accepted once the funds are exhausted.

When applying, students will be asked to provide bank statements and lease agreements to prove eligibility. You may be eligible if:

  • You are experiencing financial hardship
  • You are at your term-time address but are undergoing other financial hardships
  • You are away from your term-time address but paying rent

You will not be eligible if: 

  • You have already received a full or partial refund for accommodation.
  • You have not paid for term-time accommodation
  • You have a mortgage
  • You are applying to replace income loss
  • Your usual method of study is online or distance learning
  • You are a visiting student
  • You are not yet enrolled

For any students who have previously applied for discretionary funding from September 2020 to February 2021, this fund will automatically apply to you and you will receive £1500 without needing to reapply.

Further details can be found here. If you are a student in Scotland, contact your university to find out how to apply.

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