Get paid £75 an hour to tutor during the night

An online tutoring platform is launching a new late-night service for students who are more productive outside of typical university hours, after it noticed an increase in requests for later tutoring slots from students. The platform is recruiting ‘Out of hours’ tutors, who are expected to earn up to £75 an hour in compensation for working late at or during the night. Various studies have shown the benefits of working later at night, including increased productivity. 

An online tutoring platform has launched a late-night tutoring service for students who are more productive during the night, and is recruiting tutors to deliver the service.

Tutor House has launched ‘Out of hours’ tutoring to offer additional academic support to students who work better during ‘unsociable hours’. ‘Out of hours’ tutors can expect to earn up to £75 an hour in compensation for working late in the evening or during the night.

Tutors interested in delivering ‘Out of hours’ tuition can sign up here:

The service has been announced ahead of the new academic year, after a survey of more than 2,000 of its customers revealed that almost a third (29%) of students prefer to study past 9pm.

Survey statistics also showed that just over a tenth (12%) of those ‘night owl’ students admitted to studying until 2am. 17% were most productive between 3-5am and 43% nap between 7pm and 10pm to then work for the next 4 hours.

Various studies have also shown that those who are productive at night have faster reaction times than early birds and are able to stay alert for longer periods of time*. It’s also thought that people who work later into the night are also more creative, with experts suggesting that working to these preferred hours will increase productivity**.

Tutoring sessions will follow a regular format and can take place in the student’s home or even in another late-night establishment, such as the Student Union bar or local fast food restaurant.

‘Out of hours’ tutoring sessions can run at anytime outside of regular university hours, sessions can also be conducted remotely via video call for £45 an hour.

Students looking to hire an ‘out of hours’ tutor can do so here:

Tutor House is London’s leading tutoring marketplace. Offering private home tuition for all Primary, GCSE, A-Level & University subjects, they are on a mission to change the way students and parents find trusted and qualified tutors. Their goal is to make tutoring affordable for all and allow every single student to benefit from individual tutoring, group retake courses and educational support, no matter their age, level or ability.

Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House said,

“There is a huge amount of pressure on young adults nowadays, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to fit everything in. We know that different people are more productive at different times of the day, so we hope that this service will be the answer for night owls!

“Of course, we’re playing into the stereotype of the typical student here, but we really like to take pride in helping students thrive in any way we can – whether this is with the subject matter we tutor, where we provide our support or now, even what time we do it!”

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