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Queen Margaret University services and support – contact details

No matter which course you are on or which university you are at it will be one of the best times of your life. For many students, it’s their first real taste of independence, but sometimes you can need a little bit of extra help to adjust to your new life in a new city, so here are all the student services people you may need to contact throughout your entire time at Queen Margaret University…

For Help:


Email: Accommodation@qmu.ac.uk
Phone: 0131 474 0000


Email: studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk
Phone: 0131 474 0000

Disability & Dyslexia

Email: studentservices@qmu.ac.uk

Fees & Finance

Email: studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk.

International Students

Email: international@qmu.ac.uk

Student complaints & Academic appeals

Email: complaints@qmu.ac.uk
Phone: 0131 474 0000

Email: helpzone@qmu.ac.uk
Phone: 0131 474 0000


Email:  union@qmu.ac.uk


Email: wellbeing@qmu.ac.uk


Once you know that you want to attend Queen Margaret University your next big decision is to decide where you are going to live. Most students choose to live in either private student accommodation or university-managed accommodation.

There are plenty of accommodation choices available at Queen Margaret University, all of which have Wi-Fi and 24/7 security. It’s best to look at all the different accommodations available when you are making your decision to make sure you choose the best one for you.

To get in touch with the accommodation team you can email them at Accommodation@qmu.ac.uk or call them on 0131 474 0000.


Students at Queen Margaret University can apply for The Childcare Fund, which is provided by the Scottish government to help students that have registered childcare costs. This could be nurseries, a childminder, or an after school club.

Any student can apply, as long as they are from the UK and have accessed the full student funding amount that they can apply for. The assessments of the fund are based on household income and expenditure for the academic year.

To get in touch with the funding adviser you can email Bill Stronach at studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk or call him on 0131 474 0000.

Disability and Dyslexia

Queen Margaret University is committed to giving all their students equal access to opportunities and their education. They offer an accessible curriculum, which can be adapted to meet individual needs of students. The team also has an assistive technologies room which provides students access to a range of specialised hardware and software.

They can also help students apply for the disabled student’s allowance, which is an allowance to help students pay for additional costs they may incur because of their disability.

To get in touch with the disability service you can email them at studentservices@qmu.ac.uk.

Faith & Spirituality

Although there isn’t a chaplaincy on the Queen Margeret University campus, there is a quiet contemplation room for personal prayer and contemplation. However, students are able to go to St Albert’s chaplaincy on the University of Edinburgh campus, which has chaplains for all faiths and beliefs, ready to offer students advice.

Fees and Finance

Students have a lot of financial responsibility, they need to pay their tuition loans, accommodation rent, and their living costs. Queen Margaret University has a student finance team available to offer students advice on budgeting and finances. They also offer advice on funds available, including the discretionary fund and the childcare fund.

To get in touch with the student funding team you can email them at studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk.

International Students

There are over 5000 international students from 80 different countries at Queen Margaret University. The international student’s team are available to give international students advice on all areas of their time at university, such as on their student visa, funding, and accommodation.

To get in touch with with the international team you can email them at international@qmu.ac.uk or going to one of their drop-in advice sessions on a Monday or Thursday.

Student complaints and academic appeals

Queen Margaret University has a complaints procedure in place to make sure they can deal with complaints fairly. Students may wish to complain about the facilities, learning resources, or unfair treatment by a student or staff member.

Students who wish to make a complaint need to email the complaints team at complaints@qmu.ac.uk or call them on 0131 474 0000.

Students can appeal the decision of an exam board if they have reasonable grounds to do so, such as if there was an irregularity in the conduct of an assessment, mitigating circumstances, or your personal circumstances were not considered, such as a recent bereavement, accident or housing struggle. Students can make an appeal as long as they submit it in writing within 21 days after they got the results.

If you are wanting to make an academic appeal you should contact the students union by emailing them at helpzone@qmu.ac.uk or calling them on 0131 474 0000.


Each year the university hosts their volunteering/careers fair to help students find a positive way to spend some of their spare time. Students find this fair to be a great opportunity in boosting their cv, whilst also meeting new friends, learning new skills, and helping a good cause.

If you want to know more about volunteering you can get in touch with the students union by calling union@qmu.ac.uk.


There is a wellbeing team available to help students with issues that may be negatively affecting their time at university, such as anxiety, eating disorders, bereavement, deteriorating mental health, relationship worries, academic concerns, and general health and wellbeing concerns.

Meetings with the university wellbeing advisers are confidential, and advisers can direct students to helpful resources. They also have drop-in sessions available for students.

To get in touch with the wellbeing team at Queen Margaret Univerisity you can email them at wellbeing@qmu.ac.uk.

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