25 hardest partying unis in the UK revealed – Part 5

Continued from part 4

5. Aberystwyth University

Yes, Aber is not the biggest uni in the UK, with just under 10,000 students, but we’re going to say it is the pound for pound champion of partying. Not only is it the UK’s booziest uni but it is also in the top 5 hardest partying unis in the UK only beaten by universities with two or three times the number of students.

4. Newcastle University

The fun-loving lot of Newcastle have a reputation for wearing nothing in the freezing cold, but that’s only because they want to look great while they are partying hard.

3. University of Glasgow

It may be filled with a load of Harry Potter-lovers, but Glasgow is definitely a place to party. I’ll have one butterbeer, Rosmerta (that’s one for fans of the boy wizard).

2. University of Leeds

When you’re as bloody edgy as Leeds students you’ve got a bit of a reputation to fulfill. Thankfully, you Leeds students are more than up to the task. A few more nights out at Hi-Fi and you might take top spot next year.

1. University of Birmingham

Congrats Birmingham students — you are the number one hardest partying university! Your hard work (or lack of) has certainly paid dividends.

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