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Here are the best milk alternatives for you to try

Each year more and more people are swapping from cows milk to a dairy-free alternative. So whether you have a dairy allergy, are vegan, or just fancy a change, here are all of the best milk alternatives for you to try.

What are the benefits of non-dairy milk?

Most alternatives to dairy milk have fewer calories, lower amounts of fat, more water, and other vitamins and nutrients. Meaning one small change could do your body a lot of good. However, some dairy-free alternatives, like coconut milk, do contain more fat, and soy contains a lot more protein than dairy milk.

What alternatives are there?

Almond Milk

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You can find almond milk at most supermarkets and choose to buy it sweetened or unsweetened. A lot of protein shake powders say to mix with almond milk as it has lower calories than dairy milk, and it also tastes great.

Soy Milk

Credit: Everyday Health

Soy milk is another popular dairy alternative for milk, as it is made from soya beans and filtered water. It also contains a lot more protein than regular milk.

Rice Milk

Credit: Whole New Mom

As the name suggests, rice milk is made from rice. Manufacturers press the rice into a grinding mill and then mix it in with water. You can buy rice milk at the supermarket or make it yourself at home by mixing rice flour and water.

Oat Milk

Credit: Downshiftology

We all love a bowl of porridge in the morning or a piece of flapjack in the afternoon, so the idea of trying oat milk does not seem that far fetched. All it is is oats mixed with water and then strained through a filter.

Coconut Milk

Credit: Mashed

Coconut milk is a great alternative to dairy milk, and you may already use it. As coconut milk is a common ingredient in a lot of recipes. However, unlike dairy milk, coconut milk is actually a lot higher in fat.

Cashew Milk

Credit: MegUnprocessed

If you like almond milk, why not try cashew milk? It’s a dairy milk alternative made from cashew nuts and water and is filled with all sorts of minerals and vitamins.

Hemp Milk

Credit: Downshiftology

This one is a little more unusual, but hemp milk is another dairy alternative and is said to have more protein and healthy fats than any other milk alternative. You can also buy it at a range of stores, although I haven’t seen it in supermarkets yet.

Flax Milk

Credit: NutriBullet

Flax milk is really high in fibre and contains alpha-linoleic acids, which have been used to prevent heart-related illnesses. You can buy it at the shop or make your own, by using flax seeds and water.

Walnut Milk

Credit: MasterClass

Walnut milk is another alternative you could try. Although it is not stocked at all supermarkets, you could always try and make your own. All you need to do is boil the walnuts, place them in a blender, add some filtered water and blend. Then strain it and store it in the fridge.

Macadamia Milk

Credit: The NutraMilk

Macadamia nuts can also be used to make a dairy-free milk alternative. Macadamia milk is made from macadamia nuts and filtered water, but if you wanted to make your own, you could always add some other fruit or even cocoa powder to help sweeten it.

Pistachio Milk

Credit: Zesty South Indian Kitchen

If you love pistachio ice cream, then you should consider trying pistachio milk as a dairy alternative. You can make it yourself or order it from Ocado.

Hazlenut Milk

Credit: Delicious Obsessions

If you love Nutella, buenos or Ferraro Rochers, then you should try hazelnut milk. You can buy it at most UK supermarkets, including Asda, or try and make your own. If you add cocoa powder, it may even taste like Nutella.

Peanut Milk

Credit: Tara’s Multicultural Table

Another dairy-free milk alternative for you to try is peanut milk, which is made from peanuts and filtered water.

Pea Milk

Credit: Nationwide Coffee

If you are not a fan of nuts, then pea milk could be the dairy alternative for you. It is one of the most nutritious alternatives to cows milk, and you can buy it from various stores, such as Holland & Barrett and Ocado.

Pecan milk

Credit: Eli Brecher

Last but not least is pecan milk, another dairy-free alternative to cows milk. You can easily make it yourself, as all you need are pecans and water. But if you want to sweeten it, you can always add a dash of maple syrup or cinnamon.

What other non-dairy alternatives are there?

As well as dairy-free milk, there are plenty of other non-dairy alternatives that you can try, such as cheeses, yoghurts, and even ice cream. Similarly to the milk alternatives, these products focus on plant-based items like nuts instead of cows milk.

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