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Here are the most watched Netflix shows in the UK, how many have you seen?

The streaming service Netflix became a huge part of everyone’s lives during the coronavirus lockdowns in 2020. Here are the top ten most watched Netflix shows in 2020, all of which are available on the UK version of the streaming site.

10. Floor is Lava (37 million)

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Starting off with a funny one, number 10 on the list of most watched Netflix shows is The Floor is Lava. Rutledge Wood hosts this reality TV game show in which contestants must reach a goal whilst navigating rooms that are flooded with lava. They must leap between chairs, hang from the curtains, and swing from chandeliers to avoid falling to the ground. In response to the show’s immense popularity, Netflix has confirmed that they will be releasing Season 2 of the show soon.

9. Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 (38 million)

Lucifer tells the story of a devil, who relocates to Los Angeles where he opens a nightclub and forms a connection with a homicide detective. He gets involved with the local police and assists them in solving criminal cases. More episodes of the show have been released on 28th May, and it is expected that this new instalment will prove to be just as popular.

8. Space Force (40 million)

In Space Force, a four-star general collaborates (against his will) with an eccentric scientist to get Space Force, the U.S. military’s newest agency, ready for lift-off. It is a comedy show starring Steve Carrell. There is currently one season on Netflix, with ten episodes that last roughly thirty minutes each.

7. Never Have I Ever (40 million)

This show tells the story of a first-generation Indian-American teen, who wants to improve her social life, but must face many complicated obstacles along the way, including her friends, family and her own feelings. It was created by Mindy Kaling (who stars as Kelly Kapoor in The Office) and Lang Fisher. It is described by Netflix as a teen drama and comedy programme.

6. The Umbrella Academy Season 2 (43 million)

The Umbrella Academy follows estranged siblings who are reunited by their father’s death. They have extraordinary powers, and they uncover shocking family secrets along with a huge threat to humanity. Created by Steve Blackman, it is a sci-fi TV show based on the comics by My Chemical Romance lead vocalist Gerard Way. It has recently been announced that the show has been renewed for Season 3.

5. Ratched (48 million)

Set in 1947, Mildred Ratched works as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital, but she faces her own troubles, which she hides behind a stylish and sophisticated exterior. This leads her to become a threat to her own patients. The show is dark and suspenseful, with a maturity rating of 18 and warnings of sex, violence, language, injury detail and suicide references, so it may be too deep for some people. However, if you like medical TV programmes, then this one is for you.

4. Too Hot to Handle (51 million)

Too Hot To Handle is a reality TV show set in paradise, where singles go to meet new potential partners. However, to win the $100,000 prize, they must not have sex. So far there is only one season with nine episodes, but there are new episodes being released this summer on 23rd June. This show would be perfect for fans of reality TV series such as Love Island.

3. The Queen’s Gambit (62 million)

Based on the 1983 novel of the same title by Walter Tevis, The Queen’s Gambit is set in the Cold War era in a 1950s orphanage, where Beth Harmon reveals her astonishing and impressive talent for chess. She rises to stardom, seeking to become the best chess player in the world whilst simultaneously battling addiction.

2. Tiger King (64 million)

The show which captured the nation during the first lockdown last year, Tiger King unveils the dark tales and eccentric characters behind the underground world of big cat breeding. Starring names such as Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin, which the majority of people will have heard of by now, Tiger King captures the murder, mayhem and madness which dominates the American big cat breeding scene.

1. Money Heist Part 4 (65 million)

And at the top of the list of the most watched Netflix shows: a show which is originally in the Spanish language, Money Heist tells the story of a criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor” who has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history: to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. Part 4 of the show proved to be a huge hit on Netflix in 2020, and Volume 1 of Part 5 will be released onto the streaming service later this year on September 3rd.

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