How to celebrate your birthday in style during lock down

If your birthday is coming up you may be worried that your day is going to be rubbish, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate your birthday in style this lockdown, whether you’re turning 19 or 23.


You may have put an order in at the local bakery weeks ago if not months, but no doubt that would have been cancelled. So why not make your own cake? If you’re turning 20 maybe attempt the ultimate chocolate lovers dream by using 20 types of chocolate, by making each layer a different level of milk chocolate and adding a ridiculous amount of toppings on top. Or those crazy people that don’t like cake treat yourself by ordering an overpriced pizza and use the toppings to stick birthday candles in.

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Friends and Family

Although it may not be in the way you planned you can still see your friends and family on your birthday. Maybe plan a Netflix stream party for the ultimate online night in or go live for an hour on social media so people can see your reaction to cards, presents, and kind birthday messages they may have sent. Or if you’re up for being a little bit riskier and more creative, ask your nearby friends to make your birthday their shopping day so they can walk past your house on the way to or from the shops and wave from the street. Even if they just drive by you could wave from the window, like how the Queen regularly waves from her carriage or the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

It’s also how the Kardasians celebrated Kourtney’s birthday in lockdown.



If trying to communicate with all your friends and family online isn’t keeping you entertained, and you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen why not build an at-home cinema. Whether you have a garden or an empty wall and with enough time to prepare, use a projector to watch your favourite film as if you were at the cinema. You could even rent a new movie release on Amazon Prime to further add to the experience. Plenty of places sell phone projectors online for around £20, but if you don’t fancy this instead of making the movie bigger make the room smaller. Why not create a den-like we all loved to do when we were younger? Add fairy lights, make sure the TV is safely inside, and begin the movie night.

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Your house may already be decorated in rainbows but don’t forget to decorate for your special day too. Whether your back at home with family or living with your friends, put up banners and balloons, or to really test their patience leave a trail of confetti around the house. They’ll be hoovering it up for weeks to come, meaning your birthday won’t be forgotten as soon as it’s over.


The best part about birthdays is most definitely receiving presents, no matter what anybody says or tries to convince you. Many people may be saying you’ll have to wait for your birthday present this year as they won’t see you or be able to drop it off, but luckily for us, we have online shopping. Many websites, such as Amazon Prime, allow you to create a gift wish list which you can share online. Once someone buys an item on your list it is automatically removed by Amazon to ensure multiple people don’t buy the same thing, and as it’s linked to your account after they pay it can be sent straight to your door on your birthday.

Amazon also offers gift-wrap options and allow people to add special birthday messages. It really is the perfect solution to gift-giving, not just in lockdown but in general, as you will no longer will you receive multiple items of things you don’t want, and people will know they are giving you a gift you actually need/want.

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