Socialising within your flat

How to Have a Great Freshers Despite covid

In a time where social distancing and wearing masks has become the new norm, having a great freshers week seems nearly impossible. However, there are still plenty of ways to have a great freshers despite the current situation. At Nottingham, there are plenty of online events taking place across freshers week to introduce you to a range of different societies and familiarise yourself with your course mates. Many pubs are open in the city centre, and you can always have a night in with your flat playing drinking games or watching a film. Read on to find out how to have a great freshers despite covid and all the new rules.

Virtual Events


Many societies are hosting virtual events across freshers week to encourage first years to sign up. These events are a great way to make friends, through meeting people who have similar interests to you. Different events are being advertised on the SU website, and on the societies’ social media pages. For example, the Creative Writing society is hosting a Try-It session online at 7pm on 23rd September. This includes a virtual meeting with the society to encourage freshers to get creative and introduce them to what the society involves. The Anime Society is hosting a TRY-IT film night on 23rd September over Discord, and the Lifesaving sports team is hosting an event in the David Ross Sports Centre on 22nd September. All of these events and more can be found by looking on the SU website, and it is a brilliant way to get involved in new activities and to meet more people.


Many of your courses will also be hosting virtual events across the week. This will help familiarise yourself with the structure of your course, any equipment you might need, and introduce you to some of your course mates. This is an exciting opportunity to make new friends and to ask your tutors any questions you might have regarding your course. A lot of these virtual events will be emailed to you, and you will be given a schedule for the week that is specific to your course.

Socialising within your flat

Socialising within your flat

Drinking Games Nights

Socialising with your flat is a great way to enjoy freshers week despite the current situation. Drinking games are perfect for getting to know each other in a relaxed environment. Even if you don’t drink, you can still play the games without alcohol. You can play some classic games such as Ring of Fire, Never Have I Ever and Paranoia. Alternatively, you can make up your own games as this is a great way to get to know your flatmates. Make sure you socialise responsibly and stay socially distanced from those outside your flat.

Film Nights

Another way to bond with your flatmates can be hosting a film night instead. This is a great way to get to know the people your living with that doesn’t involve alcohol. Depending on the set up in your halls, you can either gather together in someone’s room, the kitchen/living area, or in the corridors. You can also bring some blankets and cushions to make it cosy and more comfortable. Watching a film together is a good way to recover from the busyness of freshers week, and you can relax together without feeling the pressure to be too social.

Exploring the campus and city

Explore Campus
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Pub Nights

Going out to different pubs in the city is a great way to have a fun night with your flatmates without having to go clubbing. Ensure that you comply with the government guidelines by not going out in groups bigger than 6 and staying socially distanced from those you don’t live with. If you’re look for a classic pub atmosphere than I recommend going to the Lloyds No 1. Bar Weatherspoon’s located on Carlton Street or the Rose and Crown in Lenton, next to Jubilee Campus. Or if a bar that has loud music and cheap cocktails is what you want, then definitely pay a visit to Pepper Rocks in the city centre, Cucamara, and Coco Tang.

Walking around the campus and city

Walking around the campus is perfect for getting to know the campus and familiarising yourself with the facilities available. You can even take a picnic to The Downs and enjoy being outside within nature. If you fancy going out to explore outside the campus, there is a deer park just outside the entrance to the campus called Wollaton Park, which is a great walk to get some fresh air and take some photos of some deer. Alternatively, you can take a tram ride into the city centre to go shopping and scope out the best shops/cafes.

Hopefully, these ideas will keep you busy during freshers week, and prove that you can still have a great time meeting new people whilst staying safe during the current situation. Building friendships with the people in your flat will help you to settle into university life; remember that everyone is in the same boat and is keen to make friends. There is so much in Nottingham to explore, that it’ll keep you busy throughout the week and the whole term.

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