How to make extra money at university

With rent to pay and books to buy, university can be expensive, and sometimes student loans and bursaries don’t stretch as far as you’d think, and you may find yourself in want or need of a little extra income on the side to help you enjoy your time more. You can start something new, like we spoke about here, but if that isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other ways to fill your wallet. This article details a few ways that students can make that extra bit of money at university.

Sell clothes and other unwanted items online

Source: Depop

Most people have old or unworn clothes they want to get rid of. Students especially may notice this when packing to leave home for university, so selling these not only would give you a little extra cash but would also encourage more sustainable fashion. Jewellery, books, and CDs also sell well online. Sites like Depop are a haven for second hand and vintage clothing sellers, so to rid yourself of those trousers you wore when you were in year nine, or even to sell that book series you haven’t touched since you were a preteen, why not give online retail a go?

Work with your university

Many universities offer students opportunities for casual work throughout the year, such as becoming an events ambassador or a peer mentor. Universities often have much higher rates of pay for their student employees compared to mainstream retail jobs. The convenience of working in the same place you study is hard to beat, and allows for flexibility around studying. Positions are advertised, most commonly, on university websites in their careers sections.

Get a part-time job

This one is probably the most obvious option but getting a part-time job provides a stable and reliable source of extra income. Unless you are attending one of the more remote campuses, most university towns or cities have a plethora of retail establishments and restaurants to maintain the needs of large student populations on top of their local residents, so at least some of them are bound to be hiring during your university years. If you already have work experience, this would definitely help you secure a job, but even if you have never had a paid job before, it can provide good life experience.

Become a tutor

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Source: LinkedIn, My Tutor

Students are bound to have some old GCSE or A-Level notes lying around. So, why not use those notes – plus, of course, your own knowledge – to help another student succeed? Online tutoring sites such as MyTutor can be really great sources of bonus income for someone in university. They would also allow the tutor to brush up on their own foundational subject knowledge while earning, as they would be able to look back on what they studied during GCSE and A-Level. For students who love helping others learn, and have the patience and extra time, online or in-person tutoring can be a perfect opportunity.

Take part in university scientific studies

Don’t worry, this one isn’t as scary as it sounds! Over the school year, third-year and postgrad students – particularly psychology students – will be conducting final research projects, and they will need people to take part in order to complete them. Consequently, they often offer small amounts of money or retail vouchers to those who agree to take part. You wouldn’t have to work hard, you would simply have to comply with the researchers’ instructions for the duration. These are often advertised online or on the bulletin boards of certain university campus buildings.

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