How to survive dry January at university

Each year, plenty of people try to participate in dry January. But it can be even more difficult when you’re at university, surrounded by students, clubs, drinks deals and hefty drinking culture. So here are our tips to survive dry January at university.

1. Mocktails are your friend 

dry january tips
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If your friends are having a drinking night, rather than joining in but with a glass of water or coke, why not spice it up? Make yourself a mocktail so that you still get the fun fruity flavour of a drink, but without the hangover tomorrow morning. Plus, this is a great way to get some vitamins in you, as most mocktails are just a mix of fruit juices.

2. Make a pact with your flatmates/friends 

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One of the reasons you might struggle with dry January is your friends. If you think that’s going to be the case, why not speak to them beforehand and make a pact to all do dry January? Or, if they’re not up for it, at least tell them to not offer you a shot when you’re all at spoons, and set the ground rules up. It’ll be easier to not give in to peer pressure if your peers aren’t pressuring!

3. Try alcohol-free drinks

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There are plenty of alternatives to alcohol now, with big brands like Koppaberg making and selling alcohol-free versions of their own drinks. If you’re taking part in dry January this year, it might be easier to pick some of these up! That way you get all the flavour and you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

4. Pick up some new hobbies

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If you don’t think you’ll be able to turn it down in a social situation, why not use the time you’d normally spend at the pub to pick up some new, fun hobbies. Try cross-stitching, or gaming, or catch up on the films you said you wanted to watch last year? There are always new skills to learn, you could even use Duolingo and learn a new language!

5. Remember why you’re doing it 

Usually, people who do dry January have a reason behind it. Whether you have known someone who struggled with alcoholism, or you’re on a health kick, either way – take that reason and treasure it. Make sure you remind yourself of precisely why you’re doing this every time you get tempted to say yes to that pornstar martini your friend’s offering you. After all, it’s only a month! You can have as many martinis as you want once it’s done.

6. Plan something to celebrate

dry january tips
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If it’s getting to the point where this is becoming really hard for you, then make sure you’ve got something planned in early February to celebrate your success. That way, you can keep that in mind whenever you fancy a drink. But of course, don’t go too overboard when February does come around! Drink responsibly, always!

7. Keep any alcohol out of your room 

how to do dry january
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When we’re at university, there is an inclination to keep your booze in your room. After all, sometimes flatmates just cannot be trusted. But if you’re alone in your room and get a pang of the winter blues, you’re more likely to slip and ruin your track record. Keep your drink in the kitchen, or better yet, give it away or sell it. That way there’s no temptation!

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