‘I’m A Celebrity Theme Park’ to launch in UK

ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is one of those shows we all know and love, as the whole family can laugh and squirm together as the celebrities face the creepy crawlies of the jungle.

I know many of us are often screaming at the TV that “It isn’t that bad” or “I could do that”, well now is your chance to prove it as ITV have announced that there is going to be a theme park based on the beloved reality series!

Where will it be?

Credit: Salford Now

The theme park will be in the outskirts of Manchester at Quayside Media City Uk. Getting there is super easy as if you live close enough you can walk or cycle, or for those further away you can get the bus, tram, or train. All of which are much cheaper and quicker than taking a 20-hour plane ride to the real jungles of Australia.

When will it open?

Credit: Daily Star

The organisers are hoping that the theme park will be ready to be launched this year! So once it’s open and the Covid restrictions allow you to, you can go to the theme park and live out your I’m a celeb dreams!

Who can go?

Credit: Radio Times

Almost anyone can go to the theme park, as for certain safety reasons specific criteria needs to be met by all visitors. You must be at least 8 years old, and for every three children aged between 8 and 17 there must be a participating adult. Plus, for certain activities there is also a weight and height restriction.

What will it include?

Credit: Wales Online

If you are as big a fan of the ITV show as I am then you are probably both curious and terrified to find out what will be at the theme park. Unfortunately, the co-hosts Ant and Dec will not be there, but plenty of other things from the show will be. From the shows iconic main campground to jungle challenges, the park will have it all. So you can travel on the treetop rope walk or zip-line through the jungle before rock climbing. They will even have dedicated photo spots so you and your friends can capture the perfect iconic photos to remember the experience by. You will get to take part in a series of challenges lasting 90 minutes, and lucky for you none of them will include eating anything gross or alive.

How do I get tickets?

As the theme park is not yet open, you can’t buy your tickets yet. However, you can register your interest so that you will be one of the first to know once they do become available. We do not yet know the prices of the tickets, but hopefully they have a student discount!

What other ITV experiences are there?

Credit: ITV

If the new I’m A Celeb theme park has you wondering about the other experiences offered to ITV fans, then look no further as we have found them for you. If you are a fan of Coronation Street, you should consider taking ITV’s Coronation Street tour. As what could be cooler than walking down the cobbles you see on your TV each night? You can also take a tour of the Emmerdale village or even the set of Ninja Warrior UK.

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