In a shock twist Mike chose to save Sophie; who he admitted to finding attractive, and sending ex Leanne home just one day after she ditched him

Mike was dumped by Leanne Amaning on Tuesday night, after she admitted he was giving him the ‘ick’ and couldn’t stand anything he said.

Mike wasn’t hanging around following being dumped and appeared to set his sights on Sophie and Eve.

And 24 hours later it was Mike who had the power, after having to choose who to send home between Sophie and Leanne. Leanne was sent packing after none of the boys chose her in the latest recoupling and Sophie was saved yet again.

Ahead of the recoupling Sophie and Leanne got their graft on and made it clear to Mike and Naz they wanted to stay in the villa. Fans were left outranged when they felt both girls were pressuring Naz to pick one of them, even though the villa had been happy he had found ‘something’ with new girl Demi.

Sophie said to Mike ahead of the recoupling that she didn’t want to ‘pressure him’ but said she was keen not to cut her journey short. Elsewhere Shaughna seemed to take offence at Sophie wanting to stay, saying to the other girls she thought Sophie should leave if it is her time.


Stood around the fire pit, Mike made his decision saying, ‘I would like to couple up with this girl as she has been here since the beginning and I believe that her journey isn’t finished and she has the qualities to make any man happy.

‘Her presence is felt in the villa and it would be a shame to see her go, I’m looking forward to seeing her grow, hopefully she will be happy.’

‘The girl I’d like to couple up with is, Sophie.’

In a teaser for Thursday nights episode, Leanne can be seen telling Mike that he sent her home on purpose to ‘get her out of the way’. If the preview is anything to go by Thursday nights episode is set to be a banger.

Tune in on ITV at 9pm.

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