Is your uni one of the best in the world for producing millionaires?

With the plethora of different league tables, criteria and all sorts of different ranking systems to decide which unis are the best these days, it can be easy to have your head turned by a number of different stats.

But one league table which is undeniably eye-catching is a ranking of the unis who are producing the most millionaires year in, year out.

Business news and analysis site Verdict and GlobalData WealthInsight have put together a ranking of the 20 universities producing the most millionaires in the world.

It is made up of 17 institutions from the US, with the remaining three coming from the UK.

Check out the full top 20 below.

The rankings were made using WealthInsight’s database of millionaires from all over the world, data which includes information about where they studied. The study defined millionaires as people living in the city with net assets, excluding the value of their first home, worth $1million or more.

WealthInsight’s Oliver Williams said: ‘With some of the world’s best institutions making up the top 20 millionaire making universities, it is evident that education is an essential step to becoming a millionaire.

‘However, it is outside the classroom where the next millionaires will be found: Entrepreneurial ideas are nurtured on campuses where recruiters from the world’s leading corporations can be found scouting for the brightest minds”.

‘As the US is home to more millionaires than anywhere else in the world, it is no surprise to see its Ivy League schools dominate the top 20. But US universities have also trained more foreign millionaires than any other country. Scions of business empires and budding entrepreneurs the world over aspire to be admitted to Ivy League schools.

‘The UK is the second most popular country for foreign would-be millionaires. Oxford and Cambridge rank fifth and eighth place on this ranking as much due to the success of their international students as their British alumni.’

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