Jacob Plant: My favourite places to visit in London

If you need any proof that Jacob Plant is a producer on the up, take a look at his Twitter.

The Londoner has been posting some uber cool snaps from the trendiest parts of the States (Miami and Malibu) as well as announcements for his latest killer track, Eastside.

So before he goes stratospheric, we quizzed him on his favourite places to visit in London.

My favourite pub in London is… The Water Poet. I have had many drunken nights in there.

My favourite club in London is… Fabric. The first ever rave I went to was a drum and bass night there and it changed my life. It really got me into dance music.

My favourite view in London is… Duck And Waffle. The food is great and you can see a lot of London.

My favourite curry house in London is… Dishoom. The breakfast naans are incredible, I could eat them every day. I could actually just eat Dishoom all day, every day!

My favourite shop in London is… The Great Frog. They are based in Soho and do the most amazing men’s jewellery. I’ve got a few rings from them but I want to collect some more.

My favourite place for a date in London is… Hawksmoor. Their steak and wine is amazing.

My favourite takeaway in London is… Patty & Bun. They do the best burgers in London and the guys who run it are the best. ❤

The best thing about London is… it’s the best city in the world. I travel around a lot and every time I come back to London it instantly stands out. We just do things better.

The worst thing about London is… the Central Line, mid-August at 6pm.

The three words I would use to describe London are… Creative, vibrant and grumpy! (Cheer up London).

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