Joe Wicks net worth and everything you need to know about him

Joe Wicks is a personal trainer turned celebrity trainer and fitness influencer with an estimated worth of £ 14.5 million. He was born in England in 1986 and is trained in sports science. He spent five years as a personal trainer post his degree, and now it’s been over three years since he began his online nutrition coach business.

Why is Joe Wicks famous?

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Prior to The Body Coach, his YouTube channel that made him popular, he ran boot camps and posted free videos on fitness and gave free diet tips. He later decided to cash on his massive following and his passion and started taking paid workshops. The most popular one being the 90 Day SSS plan.

Through these workshops, he says that he wishes to impart his knowledge about healthy lifestyles and educate people about the need for a lean diet and a healthy and strong body. Wicks is highly passionate about health and fitness and aims to transform people’s lives and impact positively.  In his videos and content, he often urges people to not follow fads and myths and rather exercise and eat clean and look after their health.

His teachings have certainly been a huge hit during the lockdown owing to the pandemic as they renewed new hope in people who were all asked to isolate and keep inside. In his videos, he also emphasizes the importance of minerals and gives a calorie check for all the items most commonly used in British kitchens, which is a great way to get to know the number of calories our food has and help to keep a track of them.

What did he do during the pandemic?

Joe Wicks is not only popular with celebs, influencers, and adults but also with kids. He made massive efforts to collaborate fitness routines of children and adults, which was a huge success as the whole family could now do easy family workouts, not only great for maintaining health but also getting closer to each other as a family.  He has an estimated over 90 thousand clients from all over the world and a massive following for 3.8 million Instagram users.

What else does Joe do?

joe wicks net worth
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This paved the way for his own TV show on Channel 4 titled Joe Wicks: Summer Body Coach. Wicks has also released several cookbooks, with Lean In 15 becoming a bestseller in 2015. His app also generates a lot of value for him, estimated to be around £9 million, in just a week. He is also titled as The Nation’s PE Teacher as his daily workout routines brought him national fame during the lockdown. His great online presence and deliciously nutritious recipes and workout videos are a massive hit.

Where did he start?

He started with humble beginnings, handing out flyers at the London tube stations to people to come to attend his boxing boot- camp workshops. His business as a personal trainer was set up with the help of his parents, and because he was so passionate about his work, he waived off the loan he took from them and was successful in his first year. Now, his approximate turnover is over £ 1 million a month. This is why he always wants to give back to society and is known for his charitable endeavours. He has, to date, donated over a million to NHS charities and for children in need, all through his workout videos and challenges. In addition to the UK, he also has a massive and dedicated following in the US, and he regularly toured there to promote his books. He has also been featured in the Daily Mail and various high- fashion magazines such as Grazia. He is now married and lives a happy life with model Rosie Jones, and they together have two children.

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