Love Island 2019 Cast – Who is Amy Hart?

Meet Air Hostess Amy Hart

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Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts, in your heart is the only way for destiny…..Doors to manual and cross check for the very. Last. Time. 😬 yes after 8 years of causing havoc, hosting parties at 35,000 feet, channeling my inner Elton, writing hits such as ‘dead on the jumpseat’ and ‘five years gold’, rolling out the Amz experience worldwide and being the queen of the party bag, I’m reluctantly hanging up my wings to start a new adventure. Opportunities like this don’t come round every day and they’ll always need people to fly planes so, perhaps it’s not goodbye and just ‘til we meet again’. All I can say to my Gatwick guys and girls is thank you. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the deep and meaningfuls at 3am and for being my family for the last 8 years. I love you all dearly and will miss you all. It truly is the best job in the world. Stick together, look after each other and fly safe. Lady Cabinmanageress Hart over and out. 2011-2019 💖💖 GATWICK TIL I DIE 💖💖

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Amy has been compared to Laura Anderson, as both have been flight attendants. She has a real passion for musicals, having been apart of Worthing Musical Comedy Society since she was eight years old.

Her passion goes as far as creating a jokey Love Island musical on instagram, based on the 2018 series. A snippet – “So, it’s Friday night and we are putting together Love Island the musical,” she said. “It’s inspired by Cats the Musical. “We bring you a musical about betrayal, and love, and friendship, and sex on tele.”

Amy first got into pageants when she was 21, later being crowned Miss United Kingdom in 2017 in Miss Beautiful Pageant System. Her role in pageants saw her chosen as the face of Wombat leather, an online company specialising in Australian inspired leather bush hats and leather bags. She was also the face of British Airways, being featured in the Sunday Times Magazine. Quite an achievement considering she was picked from 25,000 staff members!

It seems Amy isn’t shy of media attention, having previously appeared on Mail Online to discuss how her grandparents paid for her to have breast implants as a 21st birthday present (shocking).

“When I was 17 I had veneers for my teeth and they made me so much more confident and willing to smile I figured that it would be a similar story with my boobs, I had a wobble the week before my surgery but when they came to draw on me I figured it was too late now and I was sure it was the right decision.

“Now I never worry about putting on a bikini or a nice dress to go out because my boobs are ample enough to fill them. And it’s all thanks to my grandma and grandad.” (Very strange).

Amy has tried her hand at vlogging too.


What is Amy’s type?


“I’m looking for someone to travel the world with, have fun with and someone who is going to love me as much as I love them,” she said.



Aged: 27

From: Worthing, West Sussex

Job: Air Hostess and former beauty queen



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