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Love Island 2021: What you need to know after the first week

Love Island 2021 is well and truly underway. After watching the comings and goings of the villa over the past seven days, we’ve all been waiting for the drama to pick up, and it’s finally looking like we’re going to have some excitement! It’s the same every year, the complaints of, ‘I miss last year’, and complaints of, ‘they don’t make Love Island like they used to’. We always end up with an iconic summer of love in some way, shape or form, so let’s not panic just yet. Hopefully, this year’s contestants will soon start to fill the hole left by previous Love Island greats such as Maura, Amber and Molly-Mae from season five. Until then, we’ll have to make do with the drama that’s being pushed through the show’s various plot twists and challenges, and hope that we’re on our way to Love Island history being made.

The story so far…

In the past week we’ve had a few bumps in the road, with Chloe’s choice of Aaron on Wednesday night sending Shannon home only three episodes in. Some viewers are wondering whether we’ll see a return from Shannon for Casa Amor, a twist that would be certain to rock the boat! This shock exit was followed by the entrance of two new boys (surely they could’ve just let Shannon couple up with one of them?), Liam and Chuggs. These two new boys were both interesting characters in their own ways, with Liam looking years older than the young 21 he claims to be, and Chuggs’ classic Surrey boy personality bringing a certain energy some of us know all too well from uni.

The two new boys seem to be the opposites of each other. Liam, a bricklayer from Wales was chosen to go on a date with Faye on his first night, and since then has had no trouble cracking on with her. Chuggs, meanwhile, owns a bucket hat business, and seems a lot like most boys from down south that you’ve ever met at pres. Unlike Liam, Chuggs has struggled to ignite any flames with the current girls in the villa, which left him vulnerable after Friday night’s recoupling.

Time for the first recoupling

As per the first week of Love Island, we got to watch a recoupling take place in Friday’s episode, allowing those islanders who’ve hit it off since Monday’s initial impressions to become official couples with each other. The new couples are as follows: Sharon and Aaron; Faye and Liam; Liberty and Jake; Toby and Kaz; Chloe and Hugo. This left both Brad and Chuggs standing in front of the couples wondering what was going to happen next. In true Love Island style, we weren’t left wondering for long, as Rachel came strutting into the villa. We soon learnt that Rachel had 24 hours to decide which boy she wanted to save, Brad or Chuggs. We’ve been waiting since Friday to find out which of the lads is going home, and like me, most people probably spent Sunday’s episode thinking we’d find out. However, true to form, the Love Island closing credits filled our screens just as Rachel was about to share who she’d chosen with the group.

Up to that point, the episode had involved a raunchy James Bond inspired challenge, which ended up being a messy one for everyone involved – poor Liberty’s blonde hair is now has a pink-y tinge that doesn’t look like it’s fading anytime soon. Apart from that the episode consisted of Rachel pulling Brad and Chuggs for chats and vice-versa. The two boys were competing for Rachel’s attention, with Brad bringing her a morning tea in a very Curtis-esque way, and Chuggs attempting to offer breakfast, which Rachel respectfully declined (poor Chuggs).

Monday: are we finally getting some good T.V?

In my opinion, Monday’s episode started to improve drama-wise. The night kicked off with Rachel choosing to couple up with Brad, sending Chuggs home as a result. Shortly after, the Islanders were told to pick a couple to send into the hideaway, which they collectively chose Liberty and Jake for. I can’t lie, if a boy turned up for the hideaway looking like Jake did, I would’ve turned him right back around! Unfortunately, Liberty loved it.

The morning after, all couples were treated to a cute al fresco breakfast which turned out to bring quite a bit of drama to the group. Just as it seemed like we had five perfect couples, the cracks began to form. At one table we had Brad telling Rachel she might be worth getting to know other people when they come in, Jake telling Liberty he’d also get to know new girls if they were his type (his type is literally Liberty to a tee), and Faye and Liam having absolutely ZERO chat together. The biggest of all the cracks for me though was Aaron realising how career-driven Sharon is (go girl), and deciding that she didn’t have time for a man in her life. I’m sorry but what century is this, where a woman can’t have a successful career and a man?

The episode ended as seemingly each couple began to realise there problems, with the preview for tonight’s episode looking like the drama was building even more! Hopefully, we’re starting to get the summer of love and scandals we all deserve.

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