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Love Island Week Two: What you need to know

After a semi-disappointing start to our summer of love, the Love Island villa is finally beginning to heat up. In the past week we’ve had the scandals, betrayal and heart ache that we’ve been waiting for, as two new girls and a boy have entered the villa in the last week. Whether you were too busy watching the football or if you just got bored of the tuning in at 9pm everyday only for nothing to happen, we’ve got all the latest gossip from the Love Island villa.

The cracks start to form

Since we left off last week with Rachel choosing Brad and Chuggs being dumped from the island, so much has happened! Some of our seemingly perfect couples are no more, while others have gotten stronger than we thought they ever would.

Things got heated in the villa as the couples took part in a challenge where the islanders were quizzed on embarrassing facts about their partners. This ran pretty smoothly until the girls all found out that every boy in the villa would couple up with Chloe if they could (oof).  This all got even worse as the questions moved on to the topic of ‘types’, with the girls having to guess exactly what their boys find attractive in a woman. This became slightly controversial as Hugo kept emphasising his attraction to leggy blondes who aren’t fake – both in personality and appearance! The girls were not a fan of this (or the fact that he said it multiple times), despite not having batted an eyelid at Aaron saying he found hairy arms a turn off. Both Sharon and Faye chose to confront Hugo about his preferences, which received mixed feedback from the Islanders as well as viewers. Both Sharon and Faye felt that Hugo needed to be educated on the reasons why women undergo plastic surgery. Sharon’s reaction caused Aaron to realise they were perhaps even less of a match than he already did, because of how annoyed she was at Hugo and called off their relationship the next day.

New arrivals

Aaron’s change of heart could’ve also been prompted by the arrival of Lucinda and Millie, who’s entry into the villa while the rest of the girls were at brunch caused many heads to turn. The two girls were able to get to know the boys for a while before the girls returned, meaning that the boys could forget about their other halves for a few minutes. Unfortunately for the girls, all they could think about was what their men were up to, as they received a selfie with Lucinda and Millie in it to dissect during their brunch. The two new girls instantly got along well with Chloe, while the rest of the girls stayed more in their now well-established group. Some of them weren’t too thrilled at the prospect of the new arrivals, much to the boys’ annoyance.

It felt like pretty much every boy in the villa tried it on with the new girls, including Jake despite things going well with Liberty. Brad and Liam were the most successful in sparking a connection with Lucinda and Millie, after they were chosen to cook for the girls (along with a handful of the other boys).

If like me, your favourite couple is Jake and Liberty (definitely carried by Liberty’s lovable persona), you would’ve been buzzing with the conversation she had with him, saying that she won’t put up with him getting to know every blonde girl who walks in. This was also strengthened by the cute date they shared together which left Jake a lot more certain of his feelings for her!

Crime and Punishment

A raunchy police themed challenge, which saw the girls compete for the title of sexiest police officer, caused a bit of drama amongst the islanders. Chloe had decided that morning that she found Toby attractive despite him being coupled up with Kaz. Because of this, Chloe decided to arrest Toby and kiss him right on the lips at the end of the challenge! Let’s just say the girls were not impressed. As a result, Kaz and Chloe had a conversation where Chloe said she’d like to crack on with Toby, and Toby and Kaz had a similar conversation about Chloe. This meant that Toby and Kaz’s relationship came to an end as him and Chloe’s spark ignited.



On Sunday night new boy Teddy entered the villa and went on speed dates with Kaz, Rachel, Sharon and Faye. Faye ultimately managed to impress Teddy the most with her flirting capabilities, as he chose to couple up with her during Monday night’s recoupling, sending Rachel home. Another scandalous moment during the recoupling included Aaron choosing Kaz instead of Sharon, which could have resulted in her being dumped. The other couples were as follows; Liberty and Jake; Liam and Millie; Brad and Lucinda; Toby and Chloe; Hugo and Sharon, as well as Teddy and Faye and Kaz and Aaron.

Who knows what next week will hold for our couples as they get to know each other more and the feels get deeper!

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