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MAFS: Where are the couples now?

Whilst it may have aired Down Under in 2019, we are a little behind in the Married At First Sight drama. However, that does mean we get the joy of knowing how it all works out. So if you’ve been watching the show and want to know where the couples are now, we’ve got the answers!

Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: The Times

Cricketer Cam and co-star Jules clicked instantly. The couple stayed together throughout the experiment and got married on a special episode of A Current Affair. Since then, they’ve been going strong. They now live in a £1 million home in Sydney, with lavish outdoor space, a pool and adorable Instagram worthy backgrounds. Throughout the show, Jules wanted to find someone who wanted to start a family, something which was very important to her, and they are now parents to a beautiful baby boy – Oliver Chase Merchant. Oliver was born on October 3rd 2020, and the couple are enjoying their new family.

Since the show, Cam has been continuing to work, and Jules is working on Figur (a shapewear brand) and Baby Club (a mothering blog) socials. They are the richest couple to come out of season 6, and are friends with other stars such as Heidi.

Recently, they’ve had to address Jessika powers’ claims that the show was staged and that they had been acting. Jules said that ‘it wasn’t love at first sight, but it was a vibe at first sight’ to explain how she and Cam fell for each other so fast.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: The Mirror

The couple had an instant connection and were one of the least dramatic storylines to play out on the show. And despite plenty of rumours saying otherwise, the couple are still together! Although they’re as surprised as us about it, apparently. The couple said they felt like they’d ‘struck gold’, and are now living together in Sydney.

Michael is now focussing on a fitness brand, whilst Martha is still a makeup artist. They have continued to be lovely and sweet, sharing snaps of the two of them in bed together and on day trips on Martha’s Instagram.

Jessika Power and Mick Gould

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: Who Magazine

Jessika is one half of the most famous pairing from the season, and yet Mick is not the other! Fans will know that Jessika and co-star Dan were seeing one another behind Mick and Dan’s partner Tamara Joy’s backs. This all got revealed at a commitment ceremony, and Mick was, well, not best pleased. It had turned out that Jessika was voting in the commitment ceremonies to stay on the show, with Mick, in order to keep seeing Dan.

The couple have since broken up, and whether or not it was an amicable break up still seems up in the air. Jessika has said since the show that she does not regret seeing Dan, but does regret hurting Mick. She told reporters that she wishes they’d put their foot down and asked to be repaired. Dan and Jessika broke up on live TV when clips on the reunion show suggested she has been flirting with fellow co-star Nic, even though Jessika is adamant that it wasn’t like that. Following the show, Jessika received a lot of hate from fans and the press, and developed a powerful Xanax addiction which she is now recovering from.

Farmer Mick has been seen with Tamara Joy since the show, but now seems to be dating The Bachelor’s Kayla Gray, and they live together in Queensland.

Dan Webb and Tamara Joy

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: OK! Magazine

Tamara was placed into the show halfway through and was originally been paired with Dan, but we all know how that played out. From the get-go, the wedding seemed like a bad idea, with Tamara’s car breaking down, making her late for the ceremony. Obviously, the couple did not work out, with Dan’s affair being revealed by Jessika in a commitment ceremony.

Tamara has since revealed that she was never attracted to Dan, and has continued her single life. She is now an influencer with over 16k followers and is doing well for herself. Meanwhile, Dan is now dating model Amira Maratous.

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham

married at first sight where are the couples now
Source: Glamour Fame

From the start, the couple seemed like a great match. They had instant chemistry! But then as the experiment went on, Heidi revealed that she wasn’t a fan of Mike’s ‘attitude’. Fans agreed with her, calling Mike out online for ‘gaslighting’ Heidi, making her feel like any toxic behaviour was all on her.

The couple stayed together throughout the experiment and moved in together on the Gold Coast afterwards, but apparently, the love fizzled out in the real world. To quote Heidi, ‘it all went to shit’. The couple has since said they are just very different people.

Heidi is now single and friends with other stars Cam and Jules, whilst Mike is now dating his new girlfriend Sonja Marcellini.

Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: Who Magazine

Videographer Matthew, who was 29 at the time of recording, and MUA Lauren Huntriss, 30, hit it off on the show. Matthew revealed to the audience and to Lauren that he was a virgin, and after spending the night with Lauren, claimed that she was indeed “The One”. However, they were the first couple to leave the show, after Matt admitted he wasn’t attracted to his wife in front of other cast members.

Since the show, Lauren has been seen with Dan, and Matthew – despite losing his virginity on the show, to Lauren – has started dating a girl called Annabelle from his wrestling club.

Sam Ball and Elizabeth Sobinhoff

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Since the show, Sam Ball has been claiming that the producers shape cast members’ decisions for them and that the entire thing is fake. He has used this point to defend his behaviour towards his wife on the show, who he called ‘big’ and fatshamed, as well as cheated on with Ines Basic. On top of this, following the couple’s wedding, Sam spent the first week of their married life (the time that should have been their honeymoon) away from the show in order to attend his ex’s mother’s funeral. During this time, he made no effort to contact his wife.

Following the show, Sam has dated Akila Ahmunett but broke up with her after claiming she was stalking him – which he’s now taken back. Alternatively, Elizabeth went back on the show in 2020 and met Seb Guilhaus, who she dated for a year. The couple revealed their break up in January – but there are now rumours that they’re back together.

Susie Bradley and Billy Vincent

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: Hello! Magazine

The couple got a lot of drama when they were on the show, mainly because Susie wasn’t the most delicate person when it came to Billy’s feelings.Susie and Billy got paired together halfway through the show, and still didn’t make it to the end. They broke up when Billy stormed out of the house, and then at the commitment ceremony decided it was enough. Reflecting on his experience, he has said that the show was ‘the worst experience of his life’, and that Susie is a ‘rude, obnoxious, nasty’ woman.

Following the show, the couple has argued on social media. But hey have also both moved on – Susie has started dating Rugby star Todd Carney and has removed herself from social media. Billy is enjoying the single life for now.

Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: Radio Times

Ines and Bronson called it quits after their honeymoon, when Bronson got wind of the affair occurring between Sam and his wife. Since leaving Married at First Sight Australia, Ines has been approached by Sam Ball – but rejected his requests. Alternatively, Bronson is dating his new girlfriend Haley Wallis.

Bronson has reflected on the show, saying that staying any longer would’ve ‘destroyed’ him, and that he felt emotionally exhausted.

Ning Surasiang and Mark Scrivens

At their wedding, Ning candidly admitted that she was ‘there for the food’, and yet despite this the couple made it to the end of the show. They, unfortunately, split up, partly following Jessika telling Ning that Mark couldn’t be trusted. Whilst the couple are no longer together, they are on friendly terms. Ning is now dating Kane Micallef and Mark is dating Bianca Chatfield.

married at first sight australia
Source: Radio Times

Cyrell Jimenez and Nic Jovanovic

cast of married at first sight australia
Source: Tyla

Cyrell and Nic got on really well from the start, with their wedding going well for them, but Cyrell’s brother didn’t seem to take well to Nic. Whilst on the show, they were the center of a lot of arguments, with Cyrell throwing things during one of them, gaining her the nickname of Cyclone. It was after one of these arguments that Jessika went to check on Nic – which got misconstrued as flirting. The couple decided to part amicably, and have since moved on.

Following the show, Cyrelle has built herself a life with former Love Islander Eden Daily, and Nic is enjoying the single life.

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira

married at first sight australia
Source: Nigel Wright for Hello Magazine

Whilst Melissa and Dino’s honeymoon went well, it all began to falter when Dino recorded is wife talking to her sister about their relationship. He got really angry, accusing her of all sorts of breaking of trust.

Both Melissa and Dino haven’t shared much of their lives since the show, but we do know that Dino is now dating Renae Cuckrov, and Melissa is living her best single life.

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